Saturday, 21 July 2018

1 Obsidian

A new 13-day timewave begins today: the Obsidian (aka Obsidian Mirror, or Etznab) Timewave.

Detail from 'The Crystal Ball' by John William Waterhouse
(although I confess I have altered her crystal ball slightly,
so that it is now an Obsidian ball)

In this 13-day period, look at the shadow with a clear perception. When you look into the smoking mirror, keep looking through the clouds until you find the clear sky.

The world reflects ourselves back to us, revealing a semblance of the totality of our desires and inner feelings. This timewave will reveal the shadow of your life – and it is a challenge to accept that which you see.

However, the greatest challenge is to not see the fuzzy distortion of the shadow as the whole truth – it is just part of the truth. The light, the bright, the good and the beautiful are more powerful and more pertinent to life.

You are not your shadow, so do not identify with it. Accept the shadow of your relationships, your culture and your world as aspects, forces and elements that make up the entirety of your reality.

This amazing aerial photograph of shadows cast by camels walking through the desert
beautifully illustrates Laurence’s reminder that ‘You are not your shadow.’
The black ‘camels’ are in fact shadows, while the actual camels
are little more than slim blonde lines.
Taken by National Geographic photographer George Steinmetz in 2005.

Acceptance is Love. See the shadow, then look beyond it, because the shadow is also illusory from the perspective of unity consciousness.

The opportunity afforded in this timewave is to be brave enough to open the heart that bit wider, with intelligence.

Open, accept and increase your connection to the essential awesome nature of life.

Image from Google

Friday, 20 July 2018

13 Earthmover

Connect to the Source by LjL

How does one keep up with the ‘million things’ that are in your life, all changing, growing and demanding attention?

You connect to the Source, from where all things grow and evolve.

The still point within you is the place where you connect to Source. From here, you are more able to respond to the emerging energy that needs your attention now. Though this is easier said than done, you can access that energy and consciousness today.

A good day to connect to the expanding web of synchronous interconnections that springs outwards in all directions from the ubiquitous centre of ‘now’.

Your life is interconnected to all reality and you can see or feel the force of the energy that is expanding out in all directions, through 360 degrees. Potentially, this is omnidirectional through almost infinite realms.

360-degree image of Lamma Island,
with heartfelt thanks to Lamma Gung of
for kind permission to use his artwork

The life force in your body is the evolutionary impulse as it exists within you; it is a manifestation of the radial power that drives the world around you. Allow your awareness to become still, let go of compulsions to control your life, then respond to the impulse that springs from the stillness.

The kundalini is the manifestation of the collective unconscious will, the will of the whole human species. This will or impulse of evolution has two drives:

First: Survival, which gives rise to security, control, or, in some cases, manic power compulsion to manipulate and enslave.

Second: Transformation, which gives rise to the desire for the new, the restless urge to move on and surrender to new experience, or the death wish, self-destruction or self-loathing.

It is our power; if we own it, we flourish. If we consciously own it, we flourish in accord with the interests of the whole human species and life on Earth.

Today offers the opportunity to ascend to a new level of empowerment, to some degree.

Light in the Forest, Web of Synchronous Interconnections
Created by Carey, using a background image created by Laurence

Thursday, 19 July 2018

12 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

Chakras and their corresponding glands, by LjL

A good day to understand the truth you need to live by in order to survive, flourish and be centred in your power.

Today, you can see how to organize your life so that it is compatible with the fulfilment of your true needs.

Step into the quietness of your inner self and see that the tenacity required to live with strength is inherent within you.

The inherent intelligence of the life force, the power that holds life in existence, is a strong, still protector – feel the power of your personal truth.

Image from Google

The Owl and the Vulture sit upright. The key for the Warrior is the spine, where the two dancing snakes of the kundalini rise. To be a Warrior of the Heart and to speak a truth that serves your own abundance, as well as the vitality and benevolence of the world, is a rare almost unheard of consciousness in the public domain today. 

The Smiling Warrior by Jose Garcia.
Note the Quetzalcoatl headdress
that is consistent with all the Native American tribes

To be a true Warrior of the Heart requires the connection of the life force from the base chakra all the way up to the crown.

A silent Warrior of the Heart would be connected from base to heart, but not necessarily at the throat or beyond. A fearless martyr Warrior may well be connected at base and the heart, but not necessarily at the sacral, or second, chakra, the place of basic nourishment and the needs of the self.

Where is your energy disconnected? Where is it connected? Today is a good day to understand yourself in this way.

Composite image created by Carey,
using various layers and images found on Google

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

11 Eagle

Eagle is a spiritual talisman of compassion combined with the clarity of the Sacred Warrior. Eagle flies between Heaven and Earth, scanning for the appropriate small detail to focus upon, in order to nourish itself.

The Plumed (or Feathered) Serpent: Quetzalcoatl,
one of the great Gods of Ancient Mesoamerica, is a synthesis of serpent and bird.
The quetzal was a sacred bird with very beautiful feathers
that were used in elite and ritual costumes. Image from Google

Today, ask yourself: ‘What needs to be integrated into my life? What detail have I passed over that needs focusing upon? What is appropriate?’

Eagle tells us that the ecstasy of spiritual flight is to be combined with the pressing needs down in the theatre of the world. Allow yourself to feel the lightness of your heart, be elevated, then be open to the specific aspect of your life that requires attention. However, if you cannot find the connection between Heaven and Earth, do not worry – just walk through the door that opens.

Uncredited image from Google

Within the manifest world today, a sky door opens for you. Enjoy the freedom, then remember to look clearly at the subtle fluctuation in your daily flow, for this is both a requirement and an opportunity. Zoom in and expand the picture. Allow the fuzzy, seemingly random occurrence, the minor discordance, the unexpected meeting, the lateral event, the moment of inspiration, the small delight, the unusual energy or the spontaneous call to expand into view, so you can see with clarity the significance of this in your life and to your life.

Today, something small opens up into something larger than you first realized, promising more freedom by attending to it.

Image from Google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 11 Eagle:]
As kundalini energy rises, the brow chakra opens up, for it is here that the wings of the bird appear in the caduceus; where the soul takes flight into other dimensions of reality.

Today is not about the integration of the dual writhing serpents, but rather the arrival of the serpents at the gate. What opens up for you today will be fully integrated later.

Take flight consciously. Explore a new energy, but if you cannot yet see the connection to the world below, do not worry, just ask the question. Step into an elevated awareness, utilize the visionary gateway and wait for a sign.

Image from Google

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

10 Jaguar

Image from here

Be alert and respond. Be a hunter. Be sovereign.

Do not be afraid to act autonomously today. Do what you are impulsed to do for your vitalized survival. Independence of thinking and action is required on 10 Jaguar.

Ideally, you will have some time in a natural environment to align your impulses with the power of nature. This is a good day for effective Shamanic action.

Mayan Jaguar god. Image from Google

If you live with a cat, you know the score. They tell you, ‘It’s all about me.’ Cats are one manifestation (Day 10) of the Serpent consciousness. Cats are playful predators and are sensitive to all manner of cosmic energies. We have them as pets, knowing that they are self-centred, because they give so much with their presence.

Step into some of your magnificence, like a cat, because your playful edgy self-expression enlivens the atmosphere for everyone.

Although one cannot manifest the full potential of the spirit, it is important to be able to connect to the unlimited unique essence of who you really are.

There has never been a more important time in human history for individuals to remember the divine freedom that is our birthright.

Our cat Nougat,
being 'cool, composed, naturally regal
and leisurely – yet alert, with a hint of attitude'.

Today, be cool, composed, naturally regal and leisurely – yet alert, with a hint of attitude.

Take time to appreciate your own uniqueness in order to appreciate the uniqueness of others. Some self-love is in order to be able to truly give the gift of love to others.

For a Miracle
This link, from Laurence's Mystic Cyber Crow blogsite, shows many of his paintings, along with explanatory notes.

Uncredited image from Google.
Thank you to the artist who created this beautiful image

Monday, 16 July 2018

9 Reed (Skywalker)

Wake Up to Your Power
Ouroboros drawing by LjL, set on a background by me and played with using Photoshop

Allow the mind its freedom to explore potentials concerning your needs.

On Day 9 of the Serpent Timewave, we are guided towards (and can directly experience) the truth that a more fruitful survival in this realm requires some investment of energy, so that we can understand the future we are projecting into existence from this moment – the timeline.

Also today, allow the mind to ask questions and store those questions in the subconscious; know that you are creating answers in your future.

The abstract and free-associating aspects of our mind are not confined to three dimensions, nor to the immediate events of our life. The higher mind creates subtle structures of thought that are multidimensional, existing in translinear time.

Your thoughts feed the Noosphere; the Noosphere feeds your mind.

Feeding the Noosphere
Created by Carey using various images and layers found on Google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 9 Reed, on the subject of power.]
Going Deeper
The Serpent Timewave gives us the opportunity to reconnect to the power of life and, in so doing, we are given the choice to exercise power according to free will. Today is a good day to wake up to your power.

Power is often associated with abuse and therefore we fear it. Respect power and be guided by the need of the whole human species, which is that we – you and me, the average human being – are now meant to be gracefully in our power. This does not mean you become a shouter, an angry debater, a pumped-up alpha male, or a ball-crushing devouring goddess.

The extent that we have given our power away is the extent that we have disconnected from the serpent-reptilian life force, our lizard brain, kundalini and survival instinct, the sex force, the evolutionary impulse and the fundamental vitalizing component of this Earthly domain.

Image by Mary Clanahan, from
'How to Make Friends with Your Reptilian Brain'
(definitely worth clicking on the link to read the article!)

In the world today, the automated reptilian energy has manifest as externalized forms, such as the technology of computers. The reptile force, the life force, is an automaton that is meant to be directed by consciousness. In the same way, the computer – like the rational mind – is a tool and is not designed to be our master.

Also, our unclaimed life force has manifested a reptilian power élite, whose existence is partially in the transdimensional realms and who are attempting to enslave humanity through automated default technologies, such as in a computer-chipped population, or as psychic food through the constant triggering of fear.

I do not think the dystopian vision will fully manifest, but the fact that the externalized matrix is now evident as a real possibility prompts us to rise above the default options on reality that are being presented via the media and scientism...

... and, by doing so, we are then prompted to go to the next level, where we recognize that the snake, the reptile, is not the enemy, for it exists within us all and it is our responsibility to reclaim our power – quite simply, as it turns out, through our body connection.

An Ayahuasca Journey
Image from here

Sunday, 15 July 2018

8 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

Eight Hearts by Carey

Today is a day to trust in your heart’s desire to seek more out of life, to recognize that life offers you more.

The commitment of the heart involves valuing the yearning you feel to live with more adventure, rewards and wonder. Although we do not always get what we desire, the desire itself is an important energy to keep you vital, alive and engaged.  

Commit to the truth that life is a journey and that you are here to help fellow travellers whilst enjoying the trip.

Helping hand. Image from Google

It is easier to close down and protect yourself from the fear of failure, loss or disappointment than it is to dare to dream. Life will keep challenging your aspirations, forcing you to adjust, and will teach you to have some detachment from your ambitions, your desires and your inspired longings.

However, the challenge is to adapt and to keep seeking, for the seeking itself is the abundance of the unfolding adventure of your life.

Today is a prompter to break free a little from anything that inhibits your heart.

Image from Google

Saturday, 14 July 2018

7 Monkey

Douc Langers (genus Pygathrix): Monkeys Are Ridiculously Photogenic by roadhunter
Image from Imgur

Something unexpected and rather wonderful can come to you today in the midst of whatever you are doing.

A good day to be curious and to enjoy your vocation, without taking it too seriously.

If you do take yourself too seriously, the trickster will show up. If you act too silly, the trickster will put on a serious face. However, a little impudence is appropriate today. Drop that which needs to be dropped (fear and worldly seriousness) and feel the sense of extraordinary fun that is implicit in life.

Today, a sense of magic can emerge in your work, while a sense of purpose can emerge in your leisure.

Palenque, Mexico. A magical place that Laurence loved

Monkey is associated with the artisans who carved the glyphs and constructed the temples – the sacred creative work that gave the labourers a connection to the Mayan Cosmology, which reflects the reality of the cosmic game.

Play the game of life today and be open to the miraculous, for Monkey is weaving magic into the air and it might just be your turn.

Photo of Mayan stone monkey sculpture
by Ana Laura Landa/Mexicolore (from Google)

And here is a link to the sound of Howler Monkeys.

Friday, 13 July 2018

6 Dog

[New Moon at exactly 02:48 UTC; 03:48 BST; 10:48 Hong Kong time. There will also be a partial eclipse of the Sun, visible primarily over the ocean between Australia and Antarctica.]

View over our island from 'Secret Rock',
where I often sit with the dogs on our daily walks
(except during spider and snake season, which is now!)

No creature is an island.

All creatures (created beings) need others in order to survive and flourish. If you want to survive, you have to have other creatures in your life. If you want to DO something effectively – to exercise the power of your life force – you need to align with others.


Aligning with Others. Uncredited image from Google

Most of all, though, if you want to make life worth living, you need companionship and love.

Today, your energy flows as long as you align and seek harmony with others. Recognize the value of those special people in your life.

Some of the many, many special creatures
who have made, and continue to make, my life worth living.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

5 Water (Moon)

Created by Carey

The world keeps shifting all around us; everything is always in flux.

Today, move your awareness towards the unchanging monadic realm through the agency of soul. Go within yourself and listen to the most subtle of feelings. Connect to the dreamer within, without grasping.

Heartfelt thanks to our friend Robert Burton for this beautiful photo

Feel your centre and recognize the transient elements of the physical world, for today you have the opportunity to feel connected to the Soul and to notice how it takes part in generating the rolling stream of reality that unfolds before you.

Image from Google

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

4 Rabbit (Star)

Laurence practising his daily tai chi at sunrise in the UK

Bring your focus to the body – it has been gifted with the fertility of creation.
  • The foundation of life is abundant and any reality can proliferate. 
  • Whatever direction you choose in life offers opportunities and the enjoyment of life.
  • The foundation of light and its radial quality is at the heart of every cell and powers the instincts.
  • The paths of your life bifurcate (the proverbial crossroads are ubiquitous), but the essential truth of emptiness and fullness remains constant in each moment.
Body of Light. Photo from Pinterest

Today is a good day to stay grounded in the awareness of life’s essential impulse to create. Do not force anything. Stay present and listen to the body, for it is the key to experiencing the truths listed above.

Cells of the Body

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

3 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

Flowing and merging, then emerging. Navigating, adjusting and recalibrating the impulses of survival, power, ambition and essential needs.

Flowing and Merging
Spiral doodles by Carey,
based on handwoven batik from the hilltribes of Guizhou, Southwest China.

Today’s energy is a waveform of fluctuation between gently holding, but not quite grasping, then releasing, but never fully letting go. There is no point of stasis within the relaxation or the holding moment on a 3 Deer day.

Attentive Deer. Image from Google

Feel how the instinct of survival and the necessity of keeping control of structures within your life ebbs and flows. A good day to exercise the muscle of the psyche that stays engaged with life, yet with an element of detachment.

Let go of absolutes and remain responsive; feel the flow and stay attentive to the surging changes of direction of your mental, emotional and physical energy. 

Photo thanks to Dominic Cryer, one of Laurence's 'Excellent Men'

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 3 Deer:]
Timeline Changes and Choices
The world always changes through the initial efforts of a few people.

Most, if not all, cultural movements start with an individual, and then a handful of people who congregate around a vision, sitting together in a café, in a bar or under a tree...
It is time to feel into your benevolent vision for humanity. We are at a threshold; our abundance as a species has never been higher. I drum on about this all of the time, and will continue to do so – the greatest resource we have is human ingenuity and a high population increases specialization and innovation. That innovation needs to be unleashed and allowed to flourish.

The resources and environmental problems we face are systemic of the global systems that are in place and which are holding us back.

The solution is for individuals to envisage the obvious potentials that are present and to go way beyond the impoverished perspective of the mainstream culture, as well as, I have to say, a lot of the secular environmental movement.

Your psychic vision, your ability to conceive and imagine a better world, is imperative. Do not think you do not count.

The vision you hold feeds the sphere of the emerging planetary consciousness.

Discus chronologicus, a depiction of time by German engraver Christoph Weigel,
published in the early 1720s; from 'Cartographies of Time'

To me, it is obvious that our relationship with time–space has fundamentally changed during this 2012 era.

The definitions of time and space create the context of our consciousness by creating a timeframe, a landscape. 

Here is a very interesting and useful article that explores some of the issues of time:
Why Time Slows Down When We’re Afraid, Speeds Up as We Age, and Gets Warped on Vacation 

Today, 3 Deer, make the emotional effort to engage with yourself and with others in the area of emotional exchange. Go back, review, recapitulate to change tack, change scripts and change timelines – as there are no doors open to this old timeline. Stay responsive.

Monday, 9 July 2018

2 Skull

Define Your Space

Separation of Energy
The way to handle today’s energy is through a conscious division of your day and resolute prioritizing.

This is a great day for clarity and transformation in a specific area of your life or work. Do you have an important loose end to tie up?

Determine to focus, be strong in not allowing distractions to pull you off course, and then relax into your task.

Boundaries need to be defined. The definition of space is the context for experience. Power resides with those who define the space that we walk around in. Be clear with your environment and define the space in accord with your needs. 

Mandala by Carey

If necessary, call upon help from the spiritual realm to guide you to alter your space in accord with your purpose, function and intention. If the space – the environment, the place that you live and work in – is not in accord with your intentions and your purpose, you cannot operate successfully. The challenge then is to work with the environment, the spirit of it, and to create a resonant field that supports you.

Photo thanks to our dear friend Dominic Cryer

[Extra message from Laurence for today:]
I often find that on Skull days the day is cut in half with one energy up to around midday or lunchtime, and then a distinct change in the afternoon.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

1 Serpent

A new 13-day timewave starts today – Serpent (aka Snake or Chicchan).

Lilith, by John Collier. Image from Google

The Life Force timewave of Serpent begins today. Feel the frequency of survival, sex and power.

A good opportunity to engage with the essential life force in your body, to master some survival issues and to understand the power you have over your life.

Power up your life and vitality, but don’t overpower others.

Our natural instincts can inform our intuition. But do not let instincts rule your mind or feelings. Instead, allow the instinctive, natural vitalizing fecundity of your Serpent energy to feed you with confidence, to guide you and to turn up the volume of that which supports your life and enables you to flourish.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

13 Lizard (Seed)

Nature Deva
Image conceptualised by LjL, created by Kookie Birjukov (thank you!)

A good day to scatter seeds.

Let go and enjoy the potentials of all areas of your life. Welcome into your imagination the diversity of your desires. Embrace the potentiality of your life.

This is also a good day to network and to see the value of the wider community of friends and contacts within which you operate.

Most of our desires that manifest do so because of the people we know.

Image from here