Friday, 3 April 2020

12 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Friday 3 April 2020]

A great day for a deep understanding of your life.

You are master of your soul; this is your sovereignty. Today, access the light of the soul to aid in the unfoldment to come.

Utilise your imagination and your mind to understand your life directly from within yourself, in order to perceive the complex systemic unity of things as they stand within you.

Central Sun, by Laurence James Lucas

The understanding of the soul and soulfulness is available today. A good day to express the subtle; to write poetically, yet with meaning. The subtle has power today – light rays can instruct you and teach you substantial truths. Use the mind and imagination to empower yourself with sacred connection.

The imagination is a two-way plasma mirror, not just a screen for projecting fantasy upon, but also a receiver from anywhere in the omnidirectional realms that you can reach with your intent.

Understand the expansive intelligence of metaphors or symbols with full clarity today.

Composite created by Carey;
central image from here

Today, refine your world and assume an elevated perspective beyond the clumsy and gross understandings of the default reality. Utilise your inherent ability to see the cohesive and powerful intelligence of the beautiful and the subtle.

A day to decode the light that radiates from your soul, for you are a living library, a reservoir of extraordinary experience that can be accessed via the imagination, which is shaped by the mind and piloted by the impulse of the soul to know itself.

Clementinum Library in Prague,
dating from 1556
Image found on Pinterest via Google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 12 Flower:]
Planetary Consciousness and the Noosphere

Understand that the Noosphere, planetary consciousness and planetary civilisation are natural outgrowths of the world we live in today; the Earth will flower into a planetary civilisation.

Photograph by Jonathan Blair,
for National Geographic
Image from here

Consciousness, the self, the world and experience evolves by stages. The planetary stage is the obvious and natural stage of development for our world – it is upon the far edge of our horizon.

The planetary stage of our culture will emerge from the subtler levels of reality into density. The cosmic influx has already recalibrated the contextual space of the Earth’s energy field. This much is obvious to me and today allows one to understand the power of light and consciousness.

Consciousness flipchart by LjL

Translation from one domain to another takes time – this gives the illusion that the power of change starts on the physical level. It does not. Power always comes from the larger context of reality first.

[Note from Carey: For more on Laurence's work on the Enchantments of Life, as well as Planetary Consciousness, please visit our portal website. Thank you.]

One of the fabulous Noosphere images by
Tatiana Plakhova, of Complexity Graphics,
one of Laurence's favourite visionary artists

Thursday, 2 April 2020

11 Storm

[Thursday 2 April 2020]

Your energy crackles as you move through the electrical nature of novelty, adjusting the templates of your soul.

Go with the freedom inherent within this day. Stay responsive to unexpected turns and enjoy the liberation.

Ayahuasca Night, by Laurence James Lucas
'Inspired after seeing big fluffy stars in
the Amazon after an ayahuasca ceremony'

Enjoy flowing through different states, from internal moments of personal freedom to social connections.

Enjoy the liberation of letting go of expectation, necessity and stasis. Let it be what it is.

Image found on Pinterest

Day 10 in the timewave can feel quite heavy and contained, while today – being an 11 Day – allows us the energy to move again, as the solidity and any perceived blockages dissolve. Today you can shake off any turgid emotions and feel energised by new experiences or variants.

Today is great day for inner connection and for opening portals between levels of consciousness.

Portals in the forest:
Fantastic Forest, by Spencer Byles from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 11 Storm:]
The Importance of Subtle Energy Work
Sentiments such as ‘Show me the results’, or ‘Show me the money’, conjure up a rigid confidence in the objective world and a cynicism towards subtle energy work, which then blocks the inner connection.

This can lead to one of the biggest problems we have, which is being completely out of alignment with our soul, therefore obstructing its natural impulses.

Although – it must be noted – people can also become hyper-inflated with self-importance through constant inner journeying or channelling, without deeper understanding, or the relentless interpretation and discussion of synchronicities and their own intuitive impressions.

The truth is, while it is important to engage in the external world, taking the time to connect to the rich inner world of the psyche is indispensable for emotional health. More than that, working on the inner dimensions is a truly effective and essential way to manifest a reality and experience that is more benevolent, abundant and wholesome than the normal everyday world experience.

Beautiful but uncredited image
found on Google

The results are generally not instant. Subtle energy changes are most often stepped down through the various levels of density in accord with a gestation cycle that mirrors human gestation – from conception to birth (approximately 260 days).

The Sacred 260-day calendar that we follow here is an aid to consciously connecting to the potentials that are seeking manifestation through you. Such things as shamanic healing, or ceremonially planting intention into your unconscious (another way of saying planting a seed idea in the subtle mental body), are stepped down from mental to emotional to physical over approximately 260, 520 and 780 days.

Each process of stepping down energy brings it more tangibly into density and actual experience. Inner work is very powerful, but most people – in fact most of us, a lot of the time, due to daily necessities – do not take the time to connect our subtle actions of the past with the present.

Some of Laurence's favourite shamanic tools
that he used for moving consciously between the worlds

My experience from working with clients and from observing my own life and that of those around me is that powerful emotionally charged intentions or desires manifest in around two years, or a bit longer (often in alignment with three spins of the Tzolkin, that is, 780 days). The exactitude of the manifestation depends upon clarity, but is watered down by the many counter-intentions we invariably hold.

Using Law of Attraction principles to control life with absolute will is flawed because of the multilevelled nature of the psyche and the accompanying diversity of desires we hold.

However, this does not mean that we should not attempt to align with subtle energy changes and set clear intentions.

The most important point is to connect to the inner world through conscious journeying, visualising, shamanic ritual, or other forms of subtle energy work, so that we then align automatically with the soul’s intention for our lives.

Heartfelt thanks to André Eichman
for this wonderful photo of Laurence,
conducting a shamanic ritual at Power Station Beach, Lamma

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

10 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Wednesday 1 April 2020]

The shadow of your life and the world is revealed to you.

ET in the Shadows,
by Laurence James Lucas

What is the unavoidable issue within you?

The world appears as a semi-transparent hologram, reflecting your inner feelings. A good day to understand the power of our projection.

Today is a good day to see the fundamental issues in your life. Today they can be seen and they can be seen with transparency. You will see your complexes, but also see through them to a deeper level of truth.

Image from here

You might possibly encounter a shocking perspective on an aspect of your personality or your being. Do not worry, for this is not the whole truth of who you are, just some of the truth.

Obsidian Mirror is the Daykeeper sign of multidimensionality and the mirror reflections and refractions of light that give us the experience of density.

Image from here

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

9 Earthmover

[Tuesday 31 March 2020]

Today you can connect to the evolutionary impulse that underpins the present human condition.

Today, being a 9 Day, is about awareness of large cycles of time, as well as change and evolution through powerfully evocative yet abstract feelings.

Awaken to the changes that rumble in the soul. Soul memory is memory from beyond time–space that comes from your past, before your history. Do you remember how this moment was seeded?

Glastonbury Sunrise, by LjL.
'The English countryside festival scene... dancing the sun up.'

Into every moment we pour a tapestry of stories; different threads that are rooted in timeless zones and archaic evolutionary pasts. 

Today, you can potentially transcend your present trajectory and see the options from different timelines and with different outcomes. A good day to experience – through feeling – the multiple potentials of different timelines that are encoded into each moment.

If you have felt blocked for some time in any area of your life, today is a good day to see that you can open up to another reality.

Reality is an agreement; flipchart by LjL,
created for our Enchantments of Life workshops,
explaining the structures of reality and
our agreements, based on our Enchantment level*

Reality is an agreement. Agreements create structures of reality. If an agreement is serving us, we are growing. On the other hand, if we really are blocked – if there really comes a point where we cannot seem to move forward in any way – then we do have the option to renegotiate. 

It is amazing when you look back on your life and see certain situations that felt so permanent at the time, which you subsequently liberated yourself from. Do you remember a previously solid situation with impenetrable walls from which you are now free? Reality tunnel.

Image found on Google

Whilst you were in that psychological space, you had a particular future. Once you moved out of that space, the future changed.

If a situation you are experiencing is truly stuck, then consider dropping it and creating a new one.

The way to do this is to realise that any situation can only inhibit you with your agreement. We choose structures that do come with limitations, because the total experience rewards one enough to accept some compromises. This is wise.

So evaluate your situation honestly. If you find that there is no longer any growth or reward, then you have the divine right, the legitimate right, to renegotiate a new situation.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

This is how evolution works. We evolve from one structure to another. Each structure becomes more inclusive of more of reality. Each chapter of our lives is a relatively steady state of existence, but things eventually have to change. 

Change, evolution and growth is always an offer made by Life so that we may grow and live larger. It does mean letting something go, which is not easy, but the rewards outweigh the loss.

Aztec stone calendar

The human species is presently renegotiating its reality. The consensual world of the mainstream has served evolution and is still serving some people, but the rewards for the species are diminishing rapidly. It will take some time for the main culture to shift – luckily you do not have to wait for everyone.

 In fact, it is important for the sake of the collective that some individuals who have woken up early enough take the initiative to step into the new unchartered land now.

Are you one of those pioneers?

The new landscape is relatively empty and is in a state of flux. It will take some courage, but the potentials are enormous – the first steps are tentative, the way ahead is unclear, and the going is slow. But the choice is there, if you have a spirit of adventure.

Image found on Google

[* Note from Carey: To learn more about Laurence's ground-breaking map of the evolution of human consciousness and the Enchantment structures we move through, please visit our portal website. Thank you.]

Image found on Google

Monday, 30 March 2020

8 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Monday 30 March 2020]

Commitment to your role in the matrix, as defined by the last timewave (which was the Vulture or Warrior Timewave).

Look after the self by deciding to live your truth, so as to be strong enough to be a healing presence. Feel the underlying essence, the sacred structure you are working with, and gain some clarity about the limits you wish to set yourself.

Warrior Bee by LjL

Consciously knowing the appropriate limitations brings safety and the realisable freedom that we all yearn for.

8 Days are days of implementing and organising that which is emerging, which is to say today is a good day to bring things towards manifestation, to actively draw energies into cohesion and harmony.

Today is a day of implementing energy in a practical fashion, compressing ideas and inspiration.

Image found on Google
 'Within all structure lies movement.
Focus on the image above and you will see the movement
that is inherent within this highly structured pattern.' LjL

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 8 Vulture:]
It is imperative that you not only centre yourself in stillness, but also call upon Light and Spirit, as well as the spirits that serve your higher self. Do connect and liaise with spirits using your careful definitions. Call upon specific healing, cleansing and clearing energies with words either spoken aloud or said silently.

Composite created by Carey

The efficacy of this simple act is increasing in power as more cosmic energy, including interstellar plasma, is flooding the planet. Darkness dissipates when Light is present, but the Light does have to be called upon.

Use the power of your attention, your words and your imagination.

It is simple; just do it.

Image from here
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA, 2011

Sunday, 29 March 2020

7 Eagle

[Sunday 29 March 2020]

Feeling the Wholeness
A good day for emotional intelligence and an integrated clarity.

The integrated clarity of 7 Eagle means the ability to focus on a detail, whilst simultaneously retaining the awareness of context and feeling.

Free wallpaper image from here

The challenge is to not get lost in the details; to engage whilst retaining one’s sense of greater vision.

Alternatively, the challenge is to engage with some specifics, rather than just flying off into an indulgent fantasy. Listen to the subtle feelings whilst performing daily tasks.

Move into resonance today with the mind of the world. Hone in on your locality and goal, and retain the balanced perspective of both the larger and smaller pictures.

Balanced perspective,
Power Station Beach, Lamma Island

7 Days are halfway through the timewave and provide us with the whole energy of the timewave through resonance. We can feel the totality – not the sophisticated mechanics of the timewave (which is for 12 Days), but the general wholeness.

Eagle is the immanent consciousness that we can perceive and engage with. The environment thus perceived is then seen in all its glory – and it is to be rejoiced at, for it is full of beauty, abundance and love. Once we see this, we can draw upon the bountiful energy and call it into our life.

Image found on Pinterest

There is more than enough to go round. Everything we need is available, once we are conscious of the fact that we are drawing energy from the magnificence of all that is around us.

With a natural gratitude that comes with our awakening perception and experience of the vital immanence we exist within, we can then ask unashamedly for life to provide for us abundantly.

Image found on Google, from here

Saturday, 28 March 2020

6 Jaguar

[Saturday 28 March 2020]

The feeling self is an instinctive self, prowling the unseen environment of the World Soul. Enjoy the forming thoughts and enticing feelings that arise and sink in your consciousness.

A day of feeling alert.

Follow the rhythm of the day instinctively, staying alert to the playful moment.

Composite created by Carey

Jaguar is tied to the Earth in its wild state, especially at night. Jaguar is the feminine earthy vitality, sensual and powerful.

Today, you might feel a strong need to connect to the wild environment, feeding your gratitude for the beauty around you.

A good day to allow space for shamanic practice. Follow the call of nature, and consciously and directly evoke connection to natural spirits and sacred space.

There is something beautiful about how energy unfolds on a 6 Day, while Jaguar provides a visceral connection to nature and to shamanism. Jaguar Days bring a luxurious heightening of the senses.

Image from here

[On 6 Jaguar of 29 May 2012, Laurence wrote the following:]
‘Jaguar days are always more shamanic and jungley, which for me this morning was doubly so. I awoke with a strong need not to do my daily qi gong or yoga, but to just lie on my back on our roof terrace instead, listening to the intense cicada and bird chorus.

After one hour, I went into the hills here on Lamma. The day was overcast, breezy and unusually cool (though still very humid). The wind, insects and sheer verdant growth in the hills really evoked the jungle and a shamanic atmosphere … not to mention the small brown snake and the big jet-black snake (Chinese cobra, I think) on the path that my dog and I bumped into. That gave me some shock and awe!’

Friday, 27 March 2020

5 Reed (Skywalker)

[Friday 27 March 2020]

Today observe everything all around you and see how you feel in different situations. The message of the day is to be aware, to be conscious in all directions of the energy sphere in which you live, whilst staying in the centre.

Connect to your higher self at the same time as being centred in home and family. Gather your energy and resources; find your inner authority.

Original photo thanks to Annie Knibb,
photoshopped by me

This can be a detached, floating, suspended and waiting kind of day; a day of emphasising internal energy.

The proactive person will be consciously centring themselves today. Be detached and observe the world all around you. Increase your ability to centre yourself within your soul by sensitising yourself to yourself first, before opening up into the human and cosmic environment. See yourself as a reflected fractal of the whole cosmos, but know that you are your own unique filtered version of all that is.

Composite created by Carey

Sit in the middle of a circle, acknowledge the Four Directions of East, South, West and North, then acknowledge the Sky above and the Earth below. Feel yourself centred on Earth in your life whilst connecting to the higher self beyond time and space.

Call upon the higher self to help you find the strength of mind to recognise that you are the author of your life, and that you also play your part – at least from time to time – to act as guide to other people.

Evoke the intelligence of your centre; feel into your subtle centre. Feel the core sense of being awake to all that surrounds you.

Thanks to André Eichman for this panorama of
Laurence in the hills he loved so much

Thursday, 26 March 2020

4 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Thursday 26 March 2020]

The Long Good Road of Life
What is your destiny? Today is a good day to ask yourself: ‘What is it that endures in me? What is consistent throughout my life?’

By seeing the essential theme of your life up to this point, you can remind yourself of your destiny, which will be a continuation and development of the same theme. However, it will never be fully definable in sharp logical terms.

Stepping out on the
Good Road of Life

Today can also be a day of collective feeling; a sense of commonality. Today we can feel part of the human collective family and the human experience. Today is a day where we can feel our membership of the species, as well as the patterns and possibilities that we are working with.

We all walk a path that has an essential similarity to the paths of all others.

Today you may also sense the long good road ahead, a soft focus view, a general understanding of the basic parameters of your life yet to unfold. It is as if you are receiving a message from your soul.

Photo thanks to my sister Caroline,
taken in Glaspwll, Wales

Alternatively: You might feel frustrated, inhibited or confused about the lack of options in life, or feel a deep sense of life being scripted beyond your control. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough options, ie you have to earn money; your life is framed by your appearance, age, gender or ethnicity; your responses are automated from early programming, and so on. If that is the case, just sit with the feeling and be conscious of it.

If you can truly feel the sense of the quintessential humanness – the human experience you are having – no matter what, then you can be more present.  If you can truly see the foundational pattern, then you will find a degree of liberation by seeing your role and your purpose in the human context.

Drawing of one of our
Good Roads on Lamma,
thanks to Daniel Clarke

The consciousness of Good Road is the existential human experience. It is an unfolding journey, where the challenge is to use the mind, to create purpose and to sculpt a story from your journey.

But, more than that, it is to stay open to the is-ness, the human experience of life.

Image originally found on Google

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

3 Monkey

[Wednesday 25 March 2020]

A good energy day for higher creativity. Talk to your muses.

Feel the weave of the reality tapestry, the underlying dynamic movement of life.

'Shapeshifters: archaic and futuristic transformers'
by Laurence James Lucas

The playful spirit of 3 Monkey knows no boundaries and crosses the object–subject divide. The slightly intangible sense of something truly supernatural and wonderful might encroach upon your consciousness today. Was it real? Ah, well, what is real?

Today is a good day to play with the edges of consciousness, either with a cat-nap, some easy meditation or through daydreaming. Allow yourself a little drift.

Our trickster feline Nougat
having a cat-nap

Monkey is creativity, the deceptively brilliant intelligence that lies within all art and the construction of reality.

Monkey is a trickster that can appear to be playful and adolescent, yet is actually focused on weaving the fabric of reality, unseen by those who look for overly simple logical and linear constructs.

 Thank you Daniel Clarke
for permission to use this wonderful painting
of three monkeys

Being a 3 Day, today is not a day to complete creative tasks, but rather to allow yourself to be inspired, without attempting to finish or understand where you are heading with it. Be playful. Recognise you will waver with ideas on a 3 Day, but allow the feelings some latitude.

Subtle energy moves within your soul and it feels enlivening.

Astral Journey, by Cameron Gray,
image found on Google

Note from Carey: Laurence often experienced lucid dreaming, and very often on 3 Monkey. He says of this day: ‘I seem to always have a profound astral connectivity on 3 Monkey…’

On 3 Monkey of 21 July 2009, he wrote:
3 Monkey started for me with an amazing lucid dream of floating across the land in a way that felt like running without running. The dream experience felt so familiar and so real. This speaks to me of the energy of dreams and how, on one hand, they remind us of a more subtle reality, while on the other hand, how subtle energy crosses into and affects our “real world”.’

Photoshopped version of Green forest elf © by MikeM

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Three Gregorian Years and Interesting Times

Today, Tuesday 24 March 2020, is exactly three solar (Gregorian) years since the death of my beloved Laurence James Lucas.

As I was sitting on my little balcony this morning – just minutes before I was due to light my incense at exactly 7.45am while practising Ho’oponopono – a large single crow flew onto the nearby tree and started cawing very loudly. There are often a number of smaller crows sitting there, but this morning it was just one, and he was very large and very vocal! Instead of flying off in the other direction, this morning he did something extremely unusual – he flew straight towards me and then directly over the roof terrace of our home. Ah! There you are my beloved! Good morning.

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you.

I know I am not alone in missing Laurence so very deeply, day in and day out. I miss his humour, his wisdom, his insights, his enormous compassion and ability to honour and empower others. I miss his spirit of adventure, his love of life, his laughter. And I miss his love.

Particularly now, during these strange and ‘interesting’ times, I know there are many of us who are feeling his loss very strongly. We are in shock; we are finding it hard to regain our centres every day, to breathe through the fear into a place of calm and stillness. Our hearts are torn apart by all the tragedy all around us, all over the world. So many of us are confused, frightened, emotionally and/or physically vulnerable, struggling terribly with financial uncertainty or even disaster. We feel lost and cannot clearly see a way forward.

We are needing to hear Laurence’s perception on what is happening; we are needing to take comfort from his balanced and clear overview. We need his profound inner strength and his deeply held knowledge of how to access our own inner resources and spiritual strength to help us through these challenging times.

Here is what I know.

Whether this COVID-19 is the result of someone eating an infected bat; or the result of an accidental or deliberate discharge from a bio-chemicals lab; or because 5G has caused it, or has at least made people in the areas it has been rolled out more vulnerable; or is a natural and inevitable part of the cyclical nature of viral outbreaks that have happened throughout history; or because Mother Nature has said ‘Enough is enough! Reset, people! I need a break.’; or because God is smiting us for our wickedness and sin (which, for the record, I do not believe at all!); or for any other reason that is out there – none of that matters right now. It might matter later, but right now it is totally irrelevant.

What is relevant, what is vital, is how we all respond. We have a choice. We can be kind; we can be compassionate. We can inform ourselves of how to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the wider human and animal community. We can take practical measures. We can respect, help and support each other.

As a friend of mine – a fung shui master in Vancouver – posted recently, we can reframe ‘social distancing’ as ‘distant socializing’. We can reach out to people through emails, WhatsApp, Skype, telephone, handwritten letters in our neighbours’ post boxes letting them know that we are willing and available to help if they need anything. We can contact people we love to tell them we love them and are thinking of them. We can find ways every day in our own homes to go inward, to find that extra strength and calm. We can reach out to others when we need support – practical or emotional.

We can be kind.

In the face of every crisis, there is opportunity. Let’s use this ‘interesting time’ to seize every opportunity we can to be grateful for what we have, to fill our hearts with love, to understand this as the opportunity it is for all of us living in planet Earth (not ‘on’; we actually live ‘in’ planet Earth and her electromagnetic aura) to move to a higher level of consciousness; to evolve towards a place of greater benevolence and abundance, of greater responsibility for our own actions and a greater sense of connectivity with every other human and sentient being.

While it is unwise to ignore the shadow or to bury our heads in the sand, it is eminently wise to choose to focus on the light. To find and share stories of the incredible human kindness and courage that so very many people are displaying, to create kindness and support for ourselves and others all around us.

Laurence would see this as part of the 2012 Era (approximately 1986 to well into the 2020s), where the world is moving closer to a planetary consciousness and where we have the opportunity (despite the birthing pains of that opportunity) to move to a more evolved consciousness. It is up to us, now, which way we go.

Let’s honour and respect ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, our whole human and animal family. Let’s spread kindness and love. Let’s offer prayers of gratitude, let’s find moments of joy and laughter and let’s keep our sense of humour and a sense of calm, so that we may better be able to support ourselves and others.

Be kind, be safe, know that we are all loved. 

With love and blessings to us all, on this day and every day,
Carey xxx

2 Dog

[Tuesday 12 March 2020. New Moon 09:28 UTC/GMT; 17:28 Hong Kong time]

The Duality of Needs
Hold the space and meet the challenge.

Composite created by Carey

The duality of feelings from the soul manifests most obviously in the realm of relationship. This is challenging, of course, but also offers the beauty of contrast. Feel beneath the surface of opposition and you will enjoy the contrast you get from your significant other. Sometimes two people can act as one and look out into the world together.

Two beings looking out as one

2 Dog is a day of emotional contrast. As today can be emotionally challenging, accept and feel into the duality or polarity of the day without trying to work out a resolution in the mind.

The Dog Daykeeper is related to the basic emotions and needs of our psyche – needs for companionship on the good road of life, as well as our appetites for food, sex and comfort.

Chocolate and Sambal: first kiss

Dog rules emotional territory and the defence of that territory. This includes personal and community territorial boundaries, as well as the laws that accompany the emotional boundaries of a person, a relationship or a community.

Stacy and Sunny, in my youth

Dog is also the day of guardianship – and that can include the spirits that guide and protect us on the subtle planes.

LjL, my guardian and love
12 May 1961–24 March 2017