Saturday, 24 October 2020

8 Lizard (Seed)

[Saturday 24 October 2020]

Today holds the image of a compressed vortical tunnel...

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on Google

Day 8 is a day of commitment. You planted seeds in the last timewave — some of them now need watering and attention. An intention started might need more of your engagement.

Thank you to Robert Burton

Day 8 is always a day of compression of the non-locality consciousness of your spirit into time and space. This is a not the full manifestation of your divinity; it is not full embodiment, nor compression into full density. But compression, nonetheless, for the free-roaming essence of your being.

Enjoy the sense of bringing your Master Intention closer to manifestation. Feel the squeeze and breathe into it. Relax and trust as potentialities narrow in exchange for actualising potential.

 Whirling Dervish
by Amy Elkins in Bursa, Turkey

Movement, specifically spin, is fundamental to existence; celebrate the dynamic movement of life that maintains enduring structures of experience due to the consciousness, the intelligence and the intent that pervades creation.

LjL invites us to spin
(composite created by Carey)

Friday, 23 October 2020

7 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Friday 23 October 2020]

Between the worlds; a still point between the past and the changes to come.

Laurence in the hills of Lamma at dawn.
Photo thanks to our friend André Eichman

The prerequisite for transformation – for fundamental change – is the ability to look into the shadow and to see the positive aspects that are hidden in the darkness and the negativity. 

Image originally found on Google;
photoshopped by Carey


Today, there might seem to be a disconnection, a discordance or a point where things do not quite come together; something strange, disjointed or dislocated.

It is not an error. Be mindful of the gap and move into the gap.

Image found on Google

Do not be afraid of any disturbing feelings. Feel the comforting feeling that exists in the space where reality has ripped. Tune into the surreal quality of the day and find the enjoyment inherent within it.

Image from here

Today is the day where we welcome in the alchemical soil for change. This might mean a resonant encounter with the shadow of your inner life and the gems hidden within the darkness.

Notice your gems.

Original photo thanks to our
dear friend Dominic Cryer;
photoshopped by Carey

Thursday, 22 October 2020

6 Wind

[Thursday 22 October 2020]

Receiving, conveying, moving, linking, forming.

LjL getting ready to jump  
Created by Carey

Follow the flow of communication. Jump from one thing to another, never settling too long in one place or on one bit of information, but just long enough to be stimulated by the message.

A great day to feel you are moving forward after yesterday’s gathering of energy.

LjL jumping joyfully
from one thing to another,
on the beach at Whitstable

The power of Wind is controlled nicely on Day 6. A good day to present a powerful and provocative idea in a cohesive and concise manner.

Maybe speak the truth...

Composite created by Carey
The truth is there is really only one
wind turbine on Lamma, so far...

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

5 Crocodile

[Wednesday 21 October 2020]

Look all around you, be at peace and accept it all. Recognise the nourishment that life is offering.

Five Keys to the Goddess, by Carey

Today, 5 Crocodile, is a day of beingness, of nurturing yourself by sitting in the centre of your world and accepting all that surrounds you.

You are a divine being, but nobody exists in isolation. Everybody has a diverse range of needs and all those needs can potentially be met. Just enjoy the way that life sustains itself and offers sustenance in all new situations.

Peaceful Crocodile,
by Bernard Gagnon,
found here

The Goddess is forever feeding reality.

Even with change and disruption, life is sustainable.

Photo with kind permission
of Vicky Baker Eichman

A good day to feel at peace and to have a moment of exuberance as you let go of fear.

The day is quiet. Can you be?

Image found on Google,
from here

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

4 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Tuesday 20 October 2020] 

Today is the day that teaches us to be in our sovereign psychic space, protected by the confidence that comes from our divine selves.

Pacal Troll, presiding over our Medicine Wheel,
on the roof terrace of our
Enchantments Centre, Lamma Island

A day of self-establishment.
You are what you are. No apology needed.

Today – 4 Ahau (Flower, Sun or Lord) – is a day which tells us that change requires a foundation of confidence, based on recognising that you are a divine being of light.

Every person is divine and every person, if conscious of that, should rightly be confident and glowing.

Thank you Robert Burton
for this beautiful photo

I know there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance or ego inflation, but today consciously settle on the side of confidence.

Your sovereign power is found when you celebrate life. Pay homage to all that is beautiful and beatific; by so doing, you are beauty and you are divine.

Today, claim your sovereign spiritual power for yourself.

We need you to do this now, more than ever.

Laurence paying homage to
all that is beautiful and beatific.
Thanks to André Eichman
for the wonderful photograph

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 4 Flower:]
Tune into the fact that this is the same day in the Mayan Sacred Calendar as it was on 21 December 2012,* so that we can connect to another octave of the 2012 influx.

As in Western astrology, the Mayan astrology we use here is a fractal system, which means that today, 4 Flower, is in resonance with the Maya end date of 20:12, which signified the end of one chapter in the evolution of the human species and the beginning of a fundamental transformation.

Today, you have the opportunity to glean personal and direct inspiration about the nature of change and how you can best navigate it in this transformational era.

Created by Carey

Setting the Parameters of Change
A day where you can potentially feel the different boundaries in your energy field – the boundaries and space you now exist within, as well as the extended boundaries of your realisable potentiality.

On 4 Flower of 15 February 2010, I experienced this in the hills of Lamma: Looking out over the sea, I was suddenly aware of my personal space, the living space around me and the living space I walk around in.

Image originally found on Google

Today, be aware of who you are, without sentiment, and then feel into the potential energy that lies just beyond your present state.

You are changing and evolving. Set the scene for your unfoldment as you will step into a larger space and a larger expression, perception and experience of life.

The expansion of your reality will involve an expansion of membership and an identification with yourself as being part of, and belonging to more of, the human species. Growth creates a greater affinity with more of life.

Today, become conscious of your energy spaces and the different scales of environment within which you have your being.

Image ©,
found on Google

* Note from Carey: In calendrical terms, 21 December 2012 was the end of the then-current ‘Great Cycle’ of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which comprises 13 periods of time, each called a baktun, covering a total period of approximately 5,125 years in the Gregorian calendar. The 2012 date is considered by some to be the end of the Fourth Sun, or the fourth creation era.

[A personal message from Laurence, posted on 4 Flower, 21 December 2012:]
My day started many hours ago with a greeting to the dawn. I was met with a spectacular display as four kites, our local birds of prey, rolled and clustered around each other in the sky, directly in the east, four hundred yards in front of me.

Then one flew back to me and, facing east with me, hovered about 12 feet in the air and 20 feet away from my right shoulder. Together we greeted the dawn of a new day.

Composite created by Carey,
using four wonderful kite photos
thanks to Katherine Forestier

Monday, 19 October 2020

3 Storm

[Monday 19 October 2020]

The Quickening
The restless spirit is seeking novelty and freedom, spontaneity and vigour. Your hunger is good; the vibration of change is shaking the air.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

Movement and Flexibility

Feel the storm out there, respect its power. The electrical charge of the psychic environment seeks a pathway into your life. Observe the novelty of the day.

Today is a good day to follow and act upon any unusual or different opportunities. Generate energy by doing something out of your ordinary.

Be alert; don’t think too much, just go with it. Be with the energising vibration.

Solar flare space weather,
image from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 3 Storm:]
In all timewaves, Day 3 allows us to move out of the block we might have felt on Day 2.

If you had a day of constant self-reflection without resolution yesterday (even leading to inertia), you might well find that the 2 Obsidian tension actually created an energy that transforms today, 3 Storm, into a degree of creative resolution through vitality.

Storm by Annie Knibb.
Thank you!

The 260-day cycle of the Mayan Sacred Calendar (known as the Tzolkin) is an enormous asset to creativity and understanding as it allows you to plug into the emerging energy – the gestating energy of potentiality – and all that is seeking expression.

It doesn’t matter if you have only just discovered the 260-day cycle. It will take a few cycles to fully tune in, but you will feel it after only about two cycles – and then you have rare access to the soul realm.

Composite created by Carey
(glyphs for Daykeepers
and Numbers by LjL)

The key to learning any subject is to connect to nature and to the cycles of reality, to observe life and – yes, indeed – to feed the mind with information, but then to hand it over to your soul. Give it to the unconscious.

As we are witnessing, the small-context box of material science and mainstream conservatism has reached the ends of its usefulness. The oxymoron of modern pragmatism is that it is totally impractical for the continuing progression of human life.

Artist’s rendering of a solar storm
Credits: NASA/GSFC

The rational mind is just a tool, to be used but not revered. It is the intuitive, creative, heartfelt approach that needs to dominate the rational mind.

Follow the energy and texture of the Mayan Sacred Calendar days. So simple, yet so overlooked. It will reveal its richness to you, and it will allow you access to the creative realm of the soul.

Glyph for Day 3, artwork by LjL

Sunday, 18 October 2020

2 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Sunday 18 October 2020] 

A good symbol for contemplation today is two mirrors facing each other.

Photo manipulation by LjL and CAV
Original image found on Google

Inevitability, as compared to flexibility.

Today some things are inevitable, but within that framework there is room for flexibility. Do not get too rigid. Stay open to responding to the finest details with full consciousness.

Image from here

Today is a day where you can potentially operate with great clarity by separating your truth from that which is not relevant to you, by separating clear mind from distorting emotions, and by separating essential feeling from confused thoughts.

The Challenge of the Day: The duality of transformation and evolution; the shadow and the shadow of the shadow; and the reflection of the reflection of the reflection into eternity.

Flipchart by LjL

The challenge today is to open the heart to embrace the paradoxes and polarities; to sit with them and accept them, but not to make decisions about one’s whole life.

The limitations of the linear mind can be seen today. The linear mind always says ‘Yes, but...’ to everything. There is always a ‘Yes, but...’ with the linear mind.

Today is a great day for clear action and immediate decisions, as long as you just deal with each thing in its own right, as it appears, in the context of the moment.

Create compartments for your life today.

Thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman
for permission to use another
of her wonderful photos

Saturday, 17 October 2020

1 Earthmover

[Saturday 17 October 2020. New Moon in Hong Kong at exactly 03:31]

A new timewave begins today; 13 days of Earthmover (Caban), the synchronic recalibration. Feel the force and move with it!

Changing Realities, flipchart by LjL
Also please visit our portal website


Follow the synchronicity trail to find your new evolutionary pathway in the next 13 days.

The timewave theme seeded today is one of evolution – ground-shaking change that can synchronise us with a new level.

It does require some adjustment and integration to be in synch with the new level of reality, but change is inevitable.
To some degree, you have the opportunity to move your life on in an integrated manner during this timewave. A little earthquake of disruption is part of that higher integration, so bear that in mind.

Shake up, throw away and dispel anything blocking forward momentum.

Chocolate shaking it all off,
at the Quarry, Lamma Island.
Photo thanks to Dominic Cryer

Connect to the dynamic force of change. Listen to it, feel it and be strong, so that you can go with it in all confidence. A little internal superhero attitude would not hurt! 

Image found on Google

[On 1 Earthmover of 6 Feb 2015, Laurence shared a short message and a link:]
I have written a short evaluation of the opportunity/challenge and imperative for us at this time. This short article, posted on Mystic Cyber Crow, highlights how we are at a crossroads for our species and is called:
The Alchemical Transformation of the Human Experience

Knowledge is Power
Image originally found on Google

[On 1 Earthmover of 18 December 2012, Laurence added a poem by A. W. E. O’Shaughnessy; first published in 1873. This has great resonance with his own work:]
We are the music-makers.
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world forever, it seems.

With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world’s great cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire’s glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure,
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song’s measure
Can trample a kingdom down.
We in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Nineveh with our sighing,
And Babel itself with our mirth;
And o’erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world’s worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth.

A. W. E. O’Shaughnessy
First published 1873

[Note from Carey:]
This is the 13-day timewave that took us through the Mayan Long Count Calendar ‘end date’ of 21 December 2012, which was a 4 Flower day (also called Sun or Lord; Ahau to the Maya).

LjL moving with the tram
photo with thanks to
my sister Justina Vail Evans

Friday, 16 October 2020

13 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Friday 16 October 2020. New Moon 19:31 UTC, 20:31 British Summer time (tomorrow in Hong Kong at exactly 3:31am)]


Day 13 of each timewave is a day of disintegration and release of that timewave, as it opens up or sets free its energy for the next timewave.

Image from,
as a free desktop background,
entitled 'Stonehenge Stars Night Sky Pictures'

Warrior, Vulture and Owl are the living symbols for holding one’s centre – for keeping hold of your essential truth.

Today you might be experiencing a disconcerting diversity of truth moving out all around you. The challenge is to hold a multitude of perspectives lightly, without losing your energetic centre. This means letting go and then finding a new temporary position of comfort, then releasing and re-grasping your centre once more.

Image found on Google

A flood of relativistic perspectives can make us think that all truths are equal. Equally, the populist perspective that life is an accident and that existence is neutral can leave a person spiritually inert and acting purely out of self-interest.

Best Things In Life
Flipchart by LjL

However, life requires a strong choice. Whatever the situation, choose benevolence and abundance. Look to enjoy some gain, but not at the expense of others. Choose life. Choose that life will flourish; choose that there is plenty for everyone.

Recognise that life is grounded in consciousness, love and abundance.

Whatever the situation today, choose Life.

Diversity of Truth: Love and Abundance
Flipchart by LjL


Thursday, 15 October 2020

12 Eagle

[Thursday 15 October 2020]

Today is a good day for perspective.

Thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman for this wonderful photo

Your perception will be connected to real human issues, to normal everyday living, yet with the benefit of an elevated view. You may have a vision for your life or a project that is soft focus but big picture, and/or you will gain clarity about what you need to focus on right now.

Day 12 of every timewave brings us some understanding on a linear-mind level of the whole timewave and its theme, its reason and its teachings.

Eagle's eye, by © Braid44.
Image from here

This, being an Eagle Day, means that this mental understanding is seen through the Eagle’s vision. Eagle sees the whole world, but then focuses on one particular point on the ground in great detail. Eagle is powerful yet compassionate, and is able to hone in on that which is relevant.

Image from here

Today, stay in the worldly realms of the skies and the hills – don’t go skywalking far out in the cosmos. Stay within the Earthly realms, then see what catches your eye on the ground. Focus upon that detail, for it will reveal the intelligence that is inherent within this timewave and will nourish you with an understanding of relevance that you can share.

Image found on Google

An extremely powerful day of pertinent vision connected to your emotions.

A very good day to have a big, yet balanced, perspective on the present maelstrom we call the world.

Definitely worth watching this short video
(click on this link; or this link)
of Darshan the Eagle's flight
from the top of Dubai's Burj Khalifa,
the world's tallest tower,
from Freedom Conservation.


Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Five spins of the Tzolkin

Composite created by Carey

Today, Wednesday 14 October 2020 in the Gregorian calendar, is 11 Jaguar, which brings us to five spins of the Tzolkin (260 days x 5 spins = 1,300 days) since the passing of my beloved husband, best friend and love of my life, Laurence James Lucas, the author and creator of this blog.

Laurence first came across Aztec astrology, then the Mayan Sacred Calendar (the Tzolkin), in the early 1990s. He subsequently investigated, experienced, lived and breathed the Sacred Calendar day in, day out, for the next 30 years. His interpretation of the energy and texture of each of the 260 days of the Tzolkin is uniquely his – although he did absorb elements from the José Argüelles ‘Dreamspell’ version of the Maya calendar (which is a more New Age interpretation of the calendar), but far more from the traditional Mayan count, which is anchored in thousands of years of Daykeeping, giving it a much more grounded shamanic resonance.

Laurence also practiced his own form of shamanism on a daily basis for over three decades, and much of his deeper understanding of the Tzolkin came from his own shamanic ‘downloads’. Plus, as with everything else in his life, his wisdom and insights were informed and illuminated by his own profound astrological research – way beyond ‘classic astrology’, into what he termed ‘holospheric astrology’ – and, more pertinently, his own model of the Enchantments of Life, which maps the evolution of human consciousness and all that entails.

Those of you who know me, and/or who follow this blog, will know that I promised Laurence I would keep up his daily MSC blog, which I have done with full heart and love for him. I first posted just on this blog itself, then decided that to reach a wider audience I would also link it daily to my Facebook page (which is pretty much the only thing I use FB for!). Every morning, when I post the day’s inspirational message from LjL, I feel close to him; I know he is with me and that he is happy I am doing this. But it has been, and continues to be, a lot of time, work and energy…

I have to confess to being uncertain where to go with this now. I envisage myself continuing to post these daily messages, trying to make it better each time, for the rest of my days. But without Laurence here with me, to help guide the direction and expansion of this project (not to mention what I do with my own life) I am left feeling a little unsure…

It seems there is actually only a small number of people who read this – but those who do, I know, get a lot of support and nurturance from Laurence’s words. To each and every one of you, thank you so much for continuing to follow his blog, as it really means such a lot to know you are receiving this –­ not only on LjL’s behalf, but also on my own.

Blessings and love,


Photo thanks to André Eichman