Thursday, 20 June 2019

10 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Thursday 20 June 2019]

A Trajectory of Consciousness and a Future Opens Up
Today challenges old concepts of reality. Are you able to explore the edge of what we call reality? Can you keep your awareness open to experience the dreamscape that saturates the world?

Today show us the merging of subjective and objective realities, where imagination and physics meet.

Expansive Opening of the Psyche,
flipchart by LjL

A tangible sense of solidity based on emptiness, as in your being-ness is the cup or container for consciousness; the abundance of not wanting for ‘Ye shall not want’; the abundance of not clinging or demanding, for ‘Ye are the chalice and the road ahead is expectancy.’

Chalice greeting card designed by G Bain
Image found on Google

A good day to recognise that all human experience, through all stages of consciousness and all human endeavour, is of itself inherently good for those having the experience. All is good and all is empty, in the Buddhist sense.

Although we know that there are consequences to everything, and that purely selfish pleasures – especially of the extreme kind – are destructive to other people (as well as to ourselves), we can recognise that everything that everyone does is motivated by enjoyment.

All is good, all is empty

Enjoyment evolves as we evolve.

Today is a day when we can access the transcendental amorality of all desires, not so that we give permission to the dark, vile and destructive self-serving actions that take place, but merely to expand our perception and acceptance to become more open to what life actually is.

A day where we let go of battling so as to become more open and trusting of life and of the inherent divinity in all life.

Noosphere, another image by one of LjL's favourite artists,
Tatiana Plakhova
Image from here

This expansive opening of the psyche brings more benevolence, abundance and community connection into our world.

Acceptance overcomes struggle and light dissolves darkness. The deep heartfelt acceptance of what is enables the good, the true and the beautiful to supersede the bad, the false and the ugly.

For what is life, when viewed from 10 Good Road? It is the ever-expanding journey of life from the lesser to the greater, the ever-expanding discovery of more, the ever-expanding increase in the enjoyment of life by Life.

 A young LjL,
looking forward to the
ever-expanding journey of Life

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

9 Monkey

[Wednesday 19 June 2019]

Monkey trickster wakes up to the dirty games of the world and human nature, but with his edgy humour we are challenged not to take the tricks too seriously.

Life is an Enchantment; existence materialises through stories. The illusion is the idea of permanence as we experience god’s dream as it passes through us. 

Snow Monkeys in Japan enjoying the hot springs
Photo © EPA, but found on Pinterest

You can change direction.

Today, retrieve any Monkey energy that has slipped away in recent years. Access your creative, wickedly funny yet conscious self.

Image (and the one below, above the Quote)
found on Google, from the book,

Monkey: A Trickster Tale from India
by Gerald McDermott
See this link for details

Call upon the soul to recall your creative spirit, your playful yet resilient self that enlivens and stimulates, and which can craft a life of joy and vibrancy with whatever is at hand.

Monkey is the weaver of time and, on Day 9, can create a story worth living.

Today is the end of a creative cycle, an awakening moment as you see an extraordinary face of existence in something you are working on. If you are in tune, you will be awed.

A good day to read Carlos Castaneda.

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 9 Monkey:]
More on Time 
The Sun moves clockwise through the Sky – this gives us our external time experience. Even though our clock and calendar are out of sync with the real-time time of the body, the clockwise direction of the Sun through the sky still rules our external reality.

The Sun and the planets, including the Moon, moves East-South-West-North. This gives us our day, month and year. The clockwise direction is the direction of external unfoldment, evolution and the progression of time in our day, in our life.

The Medicine Wheel and the Celtic Year are fractal maps of time; time is fractal.

The Other Spin
The astrology chart runs anticlockwise. The Houses and the Zodiac sequence goes East-North-West-South. This time direction is the unfoldment from within – it is the descension of consciousness into time–space as we see it from the material plane; this is involution.

The astrology chart is also a fractal map, that is, it is a map of your whole life, where a day can be a year. The Houses unfold developmentally, reflecting your daily rhythm, yet also represent intrinsic principles that are ever-present.

The cogs of the Tzolkin, set for 9 Monkey

The Tzolkin is also measuring inner time. Crocodile, Wind, Dark Night (Foredawn) and Lizard, for example, are of the East-North-West-South. The 260 days are the inner quality of the cosmos.

The number 260 of the Tzolkin is the number that ties together the planetary cycles – it is hidden, as it were, in the cosmic weave; it is an internal frequency of gestation.

The 260-day cycle was the most important measure of time among all Mesoamerican civilizations, for not only did it guide the daily rituals of the people but it also formed the basis for other measures of time of great astronomical and religious significance…. For example, a double tzolkin (520 days) equates almost exactly with three eclipse half-years (519.93 days) and therefore provided a means for predicting solar eclipses…. Furthermore, because each day had its own name and number, a period of 52 years would elapse before the 260-day almanac would come back into phase with the 365-day calendar. This period of 52 years has been called the calendar round, or “Aztec century” (tonalpohualli), and was responsible for the fatalistic belief among Mesoamerican peoples that history repeated itself on a cyclical basis.’

Quote from: Origin of the Mesoamerican 260-Day Calendar, by Vincent H. Malmstrom
LjL and his friend Tibor acccessing their
'creative, wickedly funny yet conscious' Monkey energy,
about to board a bus in the UK countryside for a day of play…
Apparently they were being Military Elves

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

8 Dog

[Tuesday 18 June 2019]

Today is a day for commitment to your relationships and to your own emotional needs and boundaries. 

Being an 8 Day, this energy will follow on from the previous timewave, which was the Dog Timewave, as you accept the commitment to what you received during that 13-day period.

Define your territory in the universe and defend it if necessary. Be true to your own needs. Commit to the guidance you receive and the guidance you offer. 

The Ancient of Days, 1794, Printing by William Blake:
Urizen, the embodiment of reason and law, holding a compass
with which he is measuring and containing the universe

The vastness of the Cosmos requires us to create an enclosure, a home, a structure – the expanse of eternity and infinity would swallow us if we did not define a territory.

Territory is an emotional space filled with those you love and its walls are walls of thought, belief and understanding.

By understanding territory and the different scales of space, as well as the borders, boundaries and gateways, we can connect to other realms.

The vastness of the Cosmos

The Cosmos is unified in essence, but in experience it is full of separations. We need to recognise the separations and define the boundaries between any given space, domain or realm before we can connect to it properly.

This in turns allows us to locate the empty space, our inner sanctum, a place full of potential. 

Define your territory

Monday, 17 June 2019

7 Water (Moon)

[Monday 17 June 2019. Full Moon, at exactly 08:30 UTC (09:30 UK time); 16:31 HK time (oops sorry, just updated, realised I'd put the incorrect time in for HK!]

A powerful day for evocative feeling, a visceral divine memory; something you tangibly feel without actually being physically in the experience.

Today, 7 Water or Moon, your whole state of mind will be in deep resonance with your emotional body and the various frequencies and issues that are being held within it. Today will provide you with the full gamut of your feelings, from discomfort to joy.

My beautiful, creative and multitalented Sea-Daughter, Oceana Lucas,
daughter of LjL, flowing through the waters of her mermaid soul
Image thanks to Oce and Tank Space

Allow your feelings to flow and you will move through any difficulties to a place more enriching and soul-connected.

Water is analogous to soul, feelings and emotions. We cleanse and clear our emotions by letting them flow. We pour out our pains in order to go deeper and to find gratitude for our life, which then leads us to reconnect with the Source. 

A very soulful young LjL

The emptying of our feelings to the best of our abilities today creates the clear water of the soul, which then allows the light to shine through us with less distortion.

The lower emotions are the past, recycling themselves.

The outflow of feelings, if undertaken consciously, clears our stories. We can also choose to erase at least some of our personal history today, so that we are more awake and alert in the present.

Created by Carey

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 7 Water:]
Time and the Mayan Sacred Calendar
This calendar is a tool for accessing the qualitative nature of time.

We mostly think of time as sequential and regulated – this is the ‘time’ ruled by Chronos (Saturn). The Greeks, and those before them, understood that there is both Chronos and Kairos (Chiron) time.

Image found on Google

Kairos time is mentioned in the Bible and throughout the mystical traditions as the divine moment, the opportune moment, associated with the crucial moment, the opportunity in crisis.

Orbit of Chiron

Chiron as a planet cuts inside Saturn and its glyph is a key. Chiron consciousness is the key that unlocks the door of linear time–space and gives us access to co-existing multiple timeframes. Time exists on multiple densities – the higher the density of time, the more future and the more past exist within the moment. Chiron allows access to the radial nature of time.

Chiron, created by Carey

This Sacred Calendar is resonant with both sci-fi-futurism and archaic shamanic consciousness, without there being a dichotomy.

Pholus, the second Centauric planet to be discovered in 1992, rules 11:11, the further opening into higher densities of time where future and past selves can merge with the Self.

Orbit of Pholus

Pholus is the opener of the Earth’s energy field and the acceleration of extraterrestrial consciousness into our planetary field. Extraterrestrial craft time travel, not through movement as such, rather more through changing density and then locking onto the frequency of our planet. The Stargates are density transformers.

Pholus, created by Carey

The science of time is the science to come. Space is the focus for a materialistic society, but time is the focus for a conscious society. Time is the greatest commodity and you already own your time, but everyone else wants your time and vies for it. So remember and be conscious of the fact that your time is yours. 

Souls Flying, image found on Google
Used as a book cover for
Out-Of-Body-Experiences: A Handbook
by Janet Lee Mitchell

Sunday, 16 June 2019

6 Rabbit (Star)

[Sunday 16 June 2019]

A day that is flowing and moving with abundance and light.

Be the dance. Aesthetics and rhythm.

The energy of today is dissipative; it will unlock blocks in your energy field and get your energy moving.

One of LjL's Cityscape paintings of Hong Kong,
a city of great glamour and allure, and one he loved

An orderly outpouring of expression that leads to a gentle implosion that penetrates the fabric of your reality.

This timewave, Foredawn or Dark Night, is the 13-day period that creates a new space, a new womb. Today, 6 Rabbit or Star, we can connect to the expansion or expenditure of light.

The Star must spend its energy before it implodes into a black hole/white hole. The black hole/white hole is the portal or wormhole to another level of creation.

Image originally found on Google,
'enhanced' a little using Photoshop

Quite simply, today means allowing yourself to express the stream of ideas and imaginings and to put out your creative expression as part of the process of emptying.

You might also find you are moving through your personal menu of pleasure, addictive habits and attractions to the glamour and allures of the shiny, glossy surface of the world.

The Glamour of Hong Kong
Image found on Google, from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 6 Rabbit:]
Framing Time
The gradual formation of our present calendar and clock can be traced back to the beginnings of recorded history: Egypt, Sumer and Ancient China. The mechanical clock appeared in the 1300s and Pope Gregory adjusted the calendar to its present form in 1582.

This process has been one of increasing order and mechanisation for convenience, and it underlies today’s modern social structure as it creates the first requisite for civilisation – moral order, regulation and the class system, in short the civil calendar and its attendant frequency, which is necessary for civil matters. 

Photo of the Prague Astronomical Clock
by Steve Collis from Melbourne, Australia
Image found on Wikimedia

The problem is that we have become unconscious of the natural real-time frequencies of the body and nature, such as the real day of 23 hours and 56 minutes, which accounts for the incremental changes of Sunrise, the Moon Cycle and the yearly quarters.

In the contemporary era, we are experiencing a ‘culture of speed’, in the sense that there is ‘not enough time’. This is a natural progression from the idealised civil timeframe. The time frequency under which we currently operate (24/7, tick tock, tick tock, time is running out) and our disconnection from natural timeframes supports a moral order based on the concept of ‘time is money’, which ironically means that our society has become relatively unethical, artificial and fragile. 

Graphic by LjL

According to that frequency of consciousness, we have run out of time; we are in debt, lacking resources and overpopulated. Within that timeframe, the thinking is that we need more artificial control and order; we need to conserve and hold everything together. However, this approach is in fact the problem, not the solution.

Open to the expansiveness and abundance of a larger timeframe and natural time. 

This artist's impression shows the debris of a star
torn apart after wandering too close to a 3-million-solar-mass black hole.
Credit: NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center from here

The organic impulse of evolution means that the imperative is to once again connect to nature, whilst operating within multiple time–space frames. Whether we like it or not, we are subject to an array of timeframes, frequencies and cycles...

One of the largest timeframes we are subject to and can access is the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which logs the Galactic scale as experienced by body and soul. I remind you that in that timeframe, we have just entered a new evolutionary era [post-2012, in other words, the end of one Long Count cycle and the beginning of another] and are attempting to plug into a cosmic scale of abundance

Saturday, 15 June 2019

5 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Saturday 15 June 2019]

Day 5 of each timewave is the day where the power is stepped up and your intention for the timewave is transmitted, whereas the previous day, Day 4, is a foundation day, where an intention, plan or idea is formed (or is forming) as a set of components. Day 5 is when you then bring all of the elements together, simultaneously emanating that energy and consciousness.

Created by Carey
using an image found on Google

Deer (also known as Hand or Grasp) also has great power through its capacity to operate in all dimensions in all manner of ways. But Deer has to learn not to try to do too much, not to hold too much, nor to utilise too many techniques or options.

Today, a 5 Deer day, be in your centre, yet stay connected to the peripheral reality. Feel the energy that breaks in the external world you are traversing. Hold the centre gently and feel the circling energies from the external environment as oscillations and vibrations within your being.

Today is a good day to see the world through your shamanic eyes. The future requires a greater synthesis of consciousness from us between our modern selves and our archaic body selves. Today is a good day to feel connected to the aliveness of all that surrounds us, in all directions.

Created by Carey

Tune into the centre, the subtle and ungraspable energy; feel it without trying to define it or own it.

Tools, like the computer or a smartphone, are useful – but remember they are just tools.

You might want to use the search engine on the net as an extension of your intuition today; feel into the energy emanating from yourself and Google it. The internet is a training tool for our natural psychic sensitivity. If it were to become restricted as a medium of free speech, then we would naturally find that our connection to the Noosphere becomes more readily available. 

The Noosphere,
by Tatiana Plakhova of Complexity Graphics
Image from here

Today, you can attune to the fundamental substance of reality, which is pure empty consciousness. However, it is slippery – you can understand it through receiving it, you can be a conduit for it, but you cannot ‘have’ it or frame it. Allow and navigate with a loose grip and a disciplined sensitivity.

Today, hold the truth that your body is the ultimate tool in this world, programmed to self-heal and regenerate if you align with the innate life force and energy field.

True power is subtle, not overt.

The Net of Consciousness, created by Carey

Friday, 14 June 2019

4 Skull

[Friday 14 June 2019]

Do stuff that needs to be done. This is a foundation day for sudden change at some point in the future.

Secure the space with a bit of repair, maintenance and mundane tasks of preparation.

LjL in California,
creating a moment of empty space
in between getting things done

To create a fertile space, as we are doing in this timewave of Foredawn, requires you to create some walls around the space. Set some parameters today – shape your boundaries, find the edges, define the separations. Schedule some things in order to create empty moments.

Today is a good day for internal clarity, a clear unsentimental acceptance and perspective on your old self. As ever on Skull days, cut to the bone where appropriate. Set boundaries.

Rock Skull, Disneyland Paris
Image found on Google

A great day for laying pristine foundations in your psyche.

A good day to be real, as they say, which means to temporarily cut out conjecture and sentiment – not for all time, but certainly for today. Enjoy a sense of freedom from your wants and separate the chaff from the wheat.

Computer graphic by LjL,
created using his own artwork, 'Shamanic Substance'

With shamanism, most people want the fireworks, the big experience, and can see the preparation as boring. However, once you start to see the results of good preparation, you become more wiling to do the little things, the mundane cleansing and the small and simple evocations.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

3 Serpent

[Thursday 13 June 2019]

The life force is stirring. Today is about the movement of energy and the dynamics of power; the shifting nature of power and who has power. 

LjL in the Tropical Spice Gardens, Penang

Day 3 is always somewhat restless, and when it comes to power we have to watch the ego, especially when living with access to spirit. Frustration can lead to desperation and then to the dark side, if we compare our successes to those of others. Stay true to yourself. Do not compare your life to external images of success.

Stay with the life force...

Image found on Google

You may feel vitalised and sexy, without having a direction or place to act out your desire. Today is a day to just feel the life force stirring.

Venom and anger can change into soma and higher consciousness; poison can be used for healing. See how energy changes. Feel that subtle point where pure primal desire can be used for any endeavour as the energy shifts and turns.

Composite created by Carey;
background image from Google,
central Mandrake root from here (from Science Photo Library),
an interesting article entitled' The plant that can kill and cure'

The higher expression of Serpent transcends survival-fear – as well as the flip side of this primal fear, which is the urge to have power over others – and manifests as the ability to rejuvenate the body.

The body will indicate the path of rejuvenation today, so listen carefully.

Hidden Energy,
image by ObeyYourMaster on DeviantArt

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

2 Lizard (Seed)

[Wednesday 12 June 2019]

Today we see the inherent duality of our intentions and evolutionary impulses. We want two different realities simultaneously.

One intention is safe; the other is more risky. Both come with a consequence. What is the cost of each and which one are you prepared to pay?

The question then might be, ‘But I cannot choose! Isn’t some resolution of this paradox available?’

Image from here

The result of this energy is that we might have moments of complete inertia. The best thing to do is to hold both intentions and to feel the differences. The tension will create some energy for tomorrow and you will benefit from being conscious of the polarity within you today. Tomorrow brings forward momentum in the shape of vitality.

Or: We might see the two opportunities sprouting from the same junction. These are the bifurcating potentials of reality, akin to the growth of a plant as it sprouts new stems. 

LjL and the bifurcating plant,
Tropical Spice Gardens, Penang, Malaysia

Life is abundant. To live in abundance, we need intentionality and grace, so as not to be overwhelmed. Make choices – but hold those choices lightly.

I remind you that the energy of this timewave (Foredawn) is to allow some empty space of mystery to develop; to create a fecund space within the psyche. Face the shadow with an attitude devoid of solution-orientated logic. Open up your energy to the mystery and embrace the feeling of expectation.

Image found on Google

Consciousness reflects upon itself. This is the movement of consciousness; the movement of consciousness is what we know as Time and Space.

The question you may ask concerning a resolution of the paradox should be held for now as a question. Allow the polarity to exist.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

1 Foredawn (Dark Night, In the House, Dark House)

[Tuesday 11 June 2019]

Today, 1 Foredawn (also known as Dark House, Dark Night, or In the House; Akbal), begins a new 13-day timewave, one which asks you to enter the crack between the worlds.

Hong Kong Cityscape 2,
by Laurence James Lucas

The Foredawn Daykeeper is the cave, the bat, the house, the moment before sunrise and the gap between dark and light on the horizon (and also, to some extent, just after sunset). It is the dream world, the surreal, the womb, the abyss, the portal, the wormhole and, ultimately, inner security and psychic protection. Foredawn is the mystery that cannot be grasped, the space of fecundity and potentiality.

How do we approach the next 13 days?

Find your inner security, evoke psychic protections that allow you to filter and work with incoming subtle energies, and open up some Time and Space in your life. Evoke the personal sanctuary that is your soul.

Psychic Protections in the House
Composite created by Carey

The world is full of social compartments, walled off by fragile belief systems that are transparently illusory. The world has never been more surreal; the security it is offering is false. The mass mind is scrambling for solidity in a landscape of passing shadows and projections.

In this timewave, be in the space between spaces and find the security you need within yourself.

The challenge of discarding consensual agreements and stepping into a space of personal truth is hard, but the task is to be honoured – it is a challenge, yes, but one must leave the fakery behind now. The time has come...

Thank you to Vicky Baker Eichman
for use of her beautiful photo of this
'gap between dark and light on the horizon'

Today, 1 Foredawn, make space in your life for the new to enter. Stay with an edge of uncertainty and embrace the intangible energy that exists between time and space, action and inactivity, light and dark.

Receive the dreams from beyond your self and learn to look in the spaces in-between; look through the cracks, for this is where the new light pours in. Go inside, into the darkness, and create the space for light to enter.

Thank you to Michelle Harris
for use of her lovely photo of the dawn

The vastness of the Cosmos is encoded into every cell of your being. Your body is the home of your soul. Inside your home you will find the Cosmic void.

Within all form is space.

Today, open yourself to the mystery; open yourself to the miraculous.

Foredawn glyph, by LjL