The 20 Timewaves

The Running Order and Theme of Each of the 20 Timewaves at a Glance

Each timewave is comprised of 13 days. Looking at the whole structure of the Tzolkin enables you to see the overall rhythm of the 260-day pulse and how it stretches, opens, connects and deepens your awareness of your life.

Crocodile or Dragon (Imix)
The birth and nurturance of one's being

Jaguar (Ix)
The experience of our primal instinctive and playful survival mode

Deer or Hand (Manik)
The imperative to both control and let go; adjusting and using tools

Sun, Lord or Flower (Ahau)
The consciousness of the sovereignty of our essence

Reed or Skywalker (Ben)
The ability to detach and explore different realms and potentials

Skull (Cimi)
Transformation; the death and rebirth of aspects of our life

Storm (Caucac)
Breaking patterns to liberate the self

Human or Grass, the Long Good Road (Eb)
The abundance of life’s adventure with other people

Serpent (Chicchan)
Power and survival, instinct and passion; body consciousness

Obsidian Mirror (Etznab)
Facing the shadow and becoming conscious of the levels of reality

Monkey (Chuen)
The theatre and art of life, its trickster humour

Lizard or Seed (Kan)
The intelligence, plans and templates inherent within existence

Earthmover (Caban)
The force that integrates and synchronizes the oblique aspects of life

Dog (Oc)
Companionship and needs; emotionally sharing life with others

Dark Night or House (Akbal)
The mystery that cannot be grasped; the space of fecundity

Vulture or Warrior (Cib)
The challenge to be authentic, to express and defend one's truth

Water or Moon (Muluc)
The soulful, dreamy purifying connection to the Cosmic Ocean

Wind (Ik)
The activating communicative force that separates the wheat from the chaff

Eagle (Men)
The compassionate big-picture vision and the ability to hone in on the relevant

Rabbit or Star (Lamat)
The radiant abundance, fertility and glamour immanent within creation