Tuesday, 23 September 2014

8 Crocodile, Autumn Equinox Tuesday

Today on 8 Crocodile day make the commitment to move into accepting who you are and feeling the nourishment that life is looking to give to you.
Nurture yourself and others, be patient with your desire to renew your life, set a deep resolve for change that recognizes the reality of how ingrained habits are.

Activities that emphasize sustenance and maintenance are in accord with the Mayan energy of the day. Practical activities that support the nourishment of your life are highlighted. Keep your life going, and feel the viscous emergence of that which is being birthed...

Synching in with this potent change in direction of energies make space today for gratitude and acknowledgment of the Autumn Equinox. The equinox of September is a time of harvest, what have you harvested this year?

Today is the dark moon, make space for the new moon tomorrow at 6.15 GMT/UT, 14.14 HK time,  new seeding with the theme of balance and relationship, which when coupled with Pluto's slowly moving forward as of today as well, gives us an opportunity to move forward, the exact manner will be unique to each person.

Pluto has been retrograde since mid April, so since then you will have been going through some internal processing and inner change that will start to manifest in the next month. This will have global repercussions as Pluto moves into a tighter square with Uranus once more. The exact last square between Uranus and Pluto being mid-March. This aspect is the astrological significator of the  global tension.

So once again, dig deeper and find the part of you that truly trusts in life.

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