Saturday, 21 March 2015

5 flower, Lord or Sun, Saturday

The light of your centre shines out from your heart. Open your heart and vitalize your truth with light, prana and subtle energy. Add power to your truth without concerning yourself with mental chatter; get into the feeling. Power up and flower up. Today is about authentic confidence.

A flower is a temporary celebration of the eternal beauty of the soul, both impermanent in form yet representative of timeless truth.

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is here, one that is tied to the eclipse. Eclipses have an effect over a few months, this eclipse and equinox have to be understood in relationship to the Uranus square Pluto which in turn has to be understood in relationship to the 2012 effect.
It is only through observation and by logging the tapestry of energies that we are navigating that we truly feel aware of how energy is changing.
With our culture at present, we see it is operating with a short attention span, so people assume 2012 was a non event and the eclipse did not do anything etc.


We live in a multi-layered tapestry of frequencies that can be logged and understood, it is best to write down the feelings as they emerge, then the story of your life, the threads that make up the totality of your life is apparent.

Know your own history in order to see the continuity, the strands of energy that flow through your life and how the energy is changing and growing.

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