Monday, 7 August 2017

4 Dog

The foundation for the elastic strength of the Deer Timewave starts with emotional security. Feel the emotional boundaries you operate within.

We all have our family, including ancestral, friends and work colleagues.

Today, recognize the feeling of belonging that you enjoy through the people you find yourself with.

This day is a day to truly feel into your emotional needs – all of them – as a way of recognizing that your foundation is your emotional body. Feeling and accepting the emotional body is not the same as reacting to and living according to the dictates of the emotional kaleidoscope.

Feel it all as the juice within you; hold onto the impulses.

A good day to recognize and consciously set and embrace your own emotional limits.

 Computer generated graphic by Laurence,
one of the 'primer images' we have in our folder to use in the
Alchemist's Quest project we were working on.

[Note: Full Moon today at 7:10pm GMT. Here in Hong Kong the exact time of the Full Moon is tomorrow morning, 8 August, at 02:11am – the one minute difference is only due to how the moon times are calculated here by the Hong Kong Observatory. The Full Moon will obviously amplify any feelings and emotions. Stay conscious.]

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