Tuesday 19 February 2019

6 Monkey

[Tuesday 19 February 2019. Full Moon, exact time 15:53 UTC (GMT); 23:54 HK time]

LjL enjoying the game of life

The game of life is a game.

Play to win – or rather, play to keep the game of life going by following the clues laid out before you...

By an inch it’s a cinch, by a yard it’s hard,’ Peter Ragnar

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Today has a creative flow to it. A great day to enjoy your work, if you live a vocational life, as part of the game of life, as well as to enjoy your play as part of the task of life.

Today, leisure and pleasure can yield inspiration for your tasks, your purpose or your career.

The world game is totally on; we are living in evolutionary times. Stay alert.

The Game of Life, as viewed through 19th-century eyes.
 The Checkered Game of Life. Springfield, Mass.
Published by Milton Bradley & Co., 1866. Image from here

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