Tuesday 19 March 2019

8 Storm

[Tuesday 19 March 2019]

Today, make the commitment to break some outworn patterns.

Novelty on the Horizon
 LjL in California, in 2008 with dear friends Scott and Jen,
enjoying a fresh face of life and an exciting and novel horizon

You feel the comfort of your home or inner psychological haven while the Storm of life’s chaotic challenges and adventures brew outside.

Today, steady yourself and know that the exhilaration of the journey awaits you ‘out there’.

Heartfelt thanks to my sister Caroline for this photo

Your heart can be gladdened that excitement and novelty is on the horizon, and that you are able to enjoy the comfort of this moment while you prepare yourself by making that emotional investment of commitment.

Start to release yourself from any ritual or behaviour that will interfere with your ability to enjoy the fresh face of life that is about to be presented to you.

Uncredited image found on Google

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