Wednesday 19 June 2019

9 Monkey

[Wednesday 19 June 2019]

Monkey trickster wakes up to the dirty games of the world and human nature, but with his edgy humour we are challenged not to take the tricks too seriously.

Life is an Enchantment; existence materialises through stories. The illusion is the idea of permanence as we experience god’s dream as it passes through us. 

Snow Monkeys in Japan enjoying the hot springs
Photo © EPA, but found on Pinterest

You can change direction.

Today, retrieve any Monkey energy that has slipped away in recent years. Access your creative, wickedly funny yet conscious self.

Image (and the one below, above the Quote)
found on Google, from the book,

Monkey: A Trickster Tale from India
by Gerald McDermott
See this link for details

Call upon the soul to recall your creative spirit, your playful yet resilient self that enlivens and stimulates, and which can craft a life of joy and vibrancy with whatever is at hand.

Monkey is the weaver of time and, on Day 9, can create a story worth living.

Today is the end of a creative cycle, an awakening moment as you see an extraordinary face of existence in something you are working on. If you are in tune, you will be awed.

A good day to read Carlos Castaneda.

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 9 Monkey:]
More on Time 
The Sun moves clockwise through the Sky – this gives us our external time experience. Even though our clock and calendar are out of sync with the real-time time of the body, the clockwise direction of the Sun through the sky still rules our external reality.

The Sun and the planets, including the Moon, moves East-South-West-North. This gives us our day, month and year. The clockwise direction is the direction of external unfoldment, evolution and the progression of time in our day, in our life.

The Medicine Wheel and the Celtic Year are fractal maps of time; time is fractal.

The Other Spin
The astrology chart runs anticlockwise. The Houses and the Zodiac sequence goes East-North-West-South. This time direction is the unfoldment from within – it is the descension of consciousness into time–space as we see it from the material plane; this is involution.

The astrology chart is also a fractal map, that is, it is a map of your whole life, where a day can be a year. The Houses unfold developmentally, reflecting your daily rhythm, yet also represent intrinsic principles that are ever-present.

The cogs of the Tzolkin, set for 9 Monkey

The Tzolkin is also measuring inner time. Crocodile, Wind, Dark Night (Foredawn) and Lizard, for example, are of the East-North-West-South. The 260 days are the inner quality of the cosmos.

The number 260 of the Tzolkin is the number that ties together the planetary cycles – it is hidden, as it were, in the cosmic weave; it is an internal frequency of gestation.

The 260-day cycle was the most important measure of time among all Mesoamerican civilizations, for not only did it guide the daily rituals of the people but it also formed the basis for other measures of time of great astronomical and religious significance…. For example, a double tzolkin (520 days) equates almost exactly with three eclipse half-years (519.93 days) and therefore provided a means for predicting solar eclipses…. Furthermore, because each day had its own name and number, a period of 52 years would elapse before the 260-day almanac would come back into phase with the 365-day calendar. This period of 52 years has been called the calendar round, or “Aztec century” (tonalpohualli), and was responsible for the fatalistic belief among Mesoamerican peoples that history repeated itself on a cyclical basis.’

Quote from: Origin of the Mesoamerican 260-Day Calendar, by Vincent H. Malmstrom
LjL and his friend Tibor acccessing their
'creative, wickedly funny yet conscious' Monkey energy,
about to board a bus in the UK countryside for a day of play…
Apparently they were being Military Elves

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