Sunday 15 September 2019

6 Storm

[Sunday 15 September 2019]

Ideally, dance through the day. The tension and background chaos keeps you on your toes and keeps you responsive, alert and moving into the new space of freedom that is continually opening up in front of you.

Photo thanks to Koike-san

Staying one step ahead brings you a sense of exhilaration as you recognise that you enjoy the novelty of the Storm Day.

Respond to the deep body impulses, the consciousness within the cellular matrix, as knots within your energy field reveal themselves and then dissolve as you keep on flowing.

Photo by André Eichman:
'This is my tribute to Laurence'

Systemically cleanse the soul of concern for the world, clear the negativity, free the mind from the global drama, break free from the matrix throughout the day, even while you acknowledge the emerging fears, darkness and negative hooks that are flying around...

Keep clearing and breaking free.

Created by Carey

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