Sunday 6 October 2019

1 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Sunday 6 October 2019]

The Flower, Sun or Lord (Ahau) Timewave brings you the consciousness of your sovereign being-ness. The totality of your being attracts everything into your life; the totality of your being, the whole spectrum, provides you with your life experience.

Lotus of Grounded Being, painting by Carey

Connect to yourself now, accepting who you are, as you are at this moment, as the foundation for your sovereign power.

Too often we are told that we ‘need’ things – we need this training or that qualification, or we need years of therapy, or we need salvation via the priest, etc.

But your life force, your connection to life, is yours and is immediately available.

Flower of Life sacred geometry,
uncredited image found on Google

The Power of Light, the real power of creation, is the subtle energy and consciousness of light.

Light contains all frequencies.

Today begins 13 days of becoming more conscious of how you are sovereign of your life experience.

Image originally found on Pinterest

Move into vibrational resonance with that which you desire by feeling you already have it. If you truly desire it – from the depths of your being – the feeling of ‘having-ness’ will make you feel happy. Be that which your heart desires.

Light is subtle. The subtle is the real power – all else follows.

Image found on Google

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