Thursday 14 May 2020

1 Crocodile

[Thursday 14 May 2020. Happy Mayan Sacred Calendar New Year! The cycle of 260 days starts again today, on 1 Crocodile!]

The new timewave that begins today, Crocodile (Imix, also known as Dragon), brings 13 days of nourishment as you move into a state of trust with life itself.

Dragon, by Laurence James Lucas
The Crocodile Daykeeper is also known as Dragon

What is truly nourishing? How can you nourish others, and what truly nourishes you on a basic level? What brings more love, protection and acceptance into your life? How can you cultivate your primal trust in life?

Pay homage to the Goddess. The Nurturing Mother has a dark side; the feminine can devour – she has our respect. 

Keys to the Goddess:
Dance of Empowerment
Painting by Carey

Today, accept the nonlinear as primal energy enters into your life; this energy is to be received for it nurtures you. You have survived this long, you have been supported by Life up to this point and Life itself is always willing to support you more.

Dig deep within your feelings to open your heart to a deeper level of protection and sustenance.

Mummy crocodile protecting her baby
Uncredited photo found on Pinterest

The Crocodile comes rumbling into reality, yet offers profound food for your soul. Enjoy the natural world today and recognise the way that life takes care of us.

The heart rules the head more than usual in the next 13 days.

Uncredited photo found on Google

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