Tuesday 23 June 2020

2 Crocodile

[Tuesday 23 June 2020]

Accepting the existential aspect of existence.

Today offers you the opportunity to accept without guilt, judgement or blame that the full polarity of your life right now, as it IS, is a result of the totality frequency of your energy. This profound acceptance opens the door to becoming a true sovereign of your own life experience.

Created by Carey

Your life is a direct result of the sum totality of your energy – that is, your choices on every level of your psyche.

The Law of Attraction is basically true, but it takes more than momentary desire to manifest because of the intentions and desires that are locked into the unconscious from previous excitements – and when we say previous, we also mean pre- and past life.

The bigger the dream, the more persistence is required to overcome the objections within us... However, those objections to our heated desire do often have value.

Photo thanks to
André Eichman

So, when we look at our life in all of its fullness, we can appreciate the whole spectrum of choices (many of which are invisible to us right now) that have brought us here, now.

The momentary mind will react with frustration to the suggestion that we created the limitations we experience, but if we can recognise the fullness of our life as it stands, we can move into the space of acceptance and, of course, gratitude.

Today highlights the challenge of our need for security and familiarity, versus our need for novelty; the enjoyment of existential reality – life as art in its mundane expression – versus a need to change and grow.

Within the most mundane of circumstances lies the most extraordinary of realities. Likewise, the ‘matter of fact’ is found within the bizarre circuses of the universe.

Gratitude to Annie Knibb
for this photo

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