Sunday 17 January 2021

2 Water (Moon)

[Sunday 17 January 2021]

A day of two atmospheres, two feelings and the contrast of two environments and how they complement, conflict or converge with each other.

Special thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman

Day 2 of each timewave reveals the inherent duality and challenge within the whole timewave. With Rabbit Timewave, we ask ‘Where is the substance behind the abundance?’

The answer is within the soul, within relationship.

2 Water (also called Moon) asks us to feel into the multitude of objects, people, ideas and energies and to recognise their energetic signatures:

  • Is each emergence in resonance with our soul state?
  • Is it abundant, or is it pulling us in the wrong direction?
  • Are we dissolving our soul in the welter of abundance, or are we expanding our field of consciousness?

German photographer Markus Reugels
created these amazing photographs
of miniature planets in water droplets.
Image from here

We live with the duality of our desires and the duality within all action, intent and thought. There is an abundance of things in this beautiful world to entertain us, to study, to act upon or to long for, but they do come with the inevitable cost of an energetic clash created within us.

We could call this karma, the shadow of all agency, or more accurately, our unconsciousness of the totality of any action.

Image from here

There is no escaping it, unless you choose the transcendental path: excitement breeds anxiety; bliss breeds deflation and inertia; and even joy can breed depression, if we chase it.

Today is a good day to clear your energy field, to burn incense, to ask for forgiveness from life, to forgive life and to give thanks for your life as it is.

Accept the duality of agency and release yourself from struggle today.

Thanks to Ewa Wilkinson of
Ewa's Eden
for use of her gorgeous photo

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