Wednesday 9 June 2021

2 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Wednesday 9 June 2021]

The challenges of our adventure on the Long Good Road of Life.

A fork in the road appears for you today, with a chance to open yourself to a bigger quest.

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Today, you find yourself asking ‘What is the way ahead?’ There seems to be two polarised options. In some cases, this really does mean you are seeing a complete change of direction in your future. For most people, however, today just presents you with two choices that are very different in a specific area of your life linked to the issue of community.

Where do you belong and how can you serve, and therefore feel part of, humanity?

Be as an empty cup.

Composite created by Carey
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The wisdom of Grass (also known as Good Road or Human) is to remain open. Open your mind and allow the mind to be guided by energy and intuition. Grass is the sign of the ever-present abundance, which is found in the constant growth of nature and the totality of community. People provide your worldly abundance in the way that Nature provides the fundamental abundance for humanity.

Because this is in the Monkey Timewave, do not treat anything too seriously. Monkey says that life is art, even if the game appears tricky.

Double Spiral/Nagual
Image by Sam Brown, from here

If you feel a sense of overwhelming confusion, then recognise that the solution will not come from analysis. Do not take the ego seriously; Grass is a humble plant.

Open yourself and recognise that you do not have a solution in your mind. Just accept and be conscious of the two paths ahead.

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 2 Good Road:]
Humanity is choosing its future... every single human being’s contribution of perspective and consciousness counts! However, those who engage with the bigger picture shine more light in this direction...

I remind you that the energy this particular calendar describes is rooted in the Nagual. The Galactic energy that infuses the Earth is a dreaming energy, accessed by the shaman. By following the 260-day pulse, you are awakening your Nagual, your dream self. This requires the art of seduction, without too much mentality.

Nagual: A Separate Reality,
digital art by Carole Boyd
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Carlos Castaneda: What Is A Nagual?
‘The term Nagual has several definitions – one who is good in talking, shape shifter, witch and animal co-essence... Carlos Castaneda used the term Nagual in his books to depict a person who has the skills to guide people to new areas of awareness and alternate realities just as valid as ours.'

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Painting by Charles Frizzell
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  1. So apropos to this day that now enfolds as the night shall soon unfold! Blessing from Robert and Jeanne-Rachel to YOU, dear Carey!!!!