Saturday 24 July 2021

8 Earthmover

[Saturday 24 July 2021. FULL MOON 02:37 UTC, 03:36 BST (10:37 HK time)]

Change Coming into Being 

Once again, take a breath and step into the space of courage. Commit to the positive change that is wanting to come through. As someone once said, ‘What you want, wants you.’

Composite created by Carey

Where is the evolutionary opportunity? Step up to it with faith.

Honour your emotional state, acknowledge how you feel, then search for the good.

Reinforce that which is good and what is seeking to establish itself in your life. Affirm your growth. Life is forever changing; affirm the change taking place in yourself. Identify the recent positive changes that are happening to you or within you – even if you feel that you are changing for the worse – because the truth is that there is always an element of positive growth taking place.

Time Travelers by Tashi Norbu
Image from here

If you follow the 260-day pulse, you will start to notice certain mathematical patterns, such as Day 8 of each timewave being ruled by the same Daykeeper as the first day of the previous timewave. Thus, today being 8 Earthmover, we are reminded that the last 13-day period (a ‘timewave’) was the Earthmover Timewave.

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Being an 8 Day, today is a day of committing your energy – or, we could say, incrementally committing more of your energy – to that which emerged during the previous timewave. The nature of change that surfaced during the Earthmover Timewave – which would have revealed an inherent evolutionary facet of your life message – is now showing itself again. You are being called to synchronise and integrate with it.

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We get what we ask for. That is not always such an easy ride, because we are also aware of the infinite potentials that lie beyond this choice we have made... but it is worthwhile, enriching and deeply rewarding to see it through.

Do not try too hard; just observe the day and remember to commit your energy to what is progressive when Life asks you to do so.

Synergise (ha! ha! There you go, a nice corporate word!) your potentials within your present emotional reality.

What You Want, Wants You
Artwork by Jennifer Currie,
found on her blogsite

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