Friday 13 August 2021

2 Earthmover

[Friday 13 August 2021]

The challenge of two dynamic impulses moving in opposite directions – we want this and we want that; give me cake, let me eat it. To develop inner strength we must be able to hold our centre, despite the polarity of our desires, to make sure we do not get pulled apart by our duality.

LjL holding his centre
Photo thanks to Justina Vail Evans
Or: Two dynamic impulses pulling you in two directions, neither of which you thought you wanted. Synchronise your field and hold the space; just hold.

Or: You manage to successfully accomplish things in two opposing directions that will ultimately synchronise as one.

Spiral incense in a
Hong Kong temple
Image found on google

You might enjoy the power building up within you today, revving up the engine of evolutionary transformation.

Composite created by Carey,
using images found on google

Earthmover is movement, the impulse towards integration, so it stimulates the mind to pull everything you have been working on into a unified whole. However, as today is a 2 Day, we feel the inherent duality of how we might do that. The practical short-term solution competes with the longer-term, more satisfying endeavour.

Earthmover is also traditionally called ‘Incense’, the Thoughts of Heaven. Today, if your mind becomes stuck in the polarity, then light incense with intent to release the thoughts into the higher realms. Give them up and allow the solution to be worked out for you.

Composite created by Carey

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  1. I AM 13 EARTHMOVER - - - today IS my day! Blessings to you Carey!!!!