Monday 11 October 2021

9 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Monday 11 October 2021]

Heightened Perspective

A high-synchronicity day as an alignment with Earth magnetics is heightened. Deep feelings are evoked as intense energy passes through you, opening your awareness beyond your usual emotional, mental, ethical, philosophical and aspirational constraints.

Tree Spirit
(aka Transcendental Freedom)
by LjL

Today, you can be conscious of larger cycles and chapters in your life. What is coming towards completion? Access this energy through stillness, strength and confidence in your truth. Truth is the connection between Heaven and Earth through the central channel of your subtle body.

Remembering your truth from beyond time.

Soul memory is the memory beyond time, which we can connect to at the end and beginning of personal cycles, for this is when small portals open for us to access TIME beyond the time we normally think of as time.
Today is a good day for transcendental freedom.

Earth's magnetic field,
photoshopped by Carey,
original image from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 9 Vulture:] 

You Cannot Fail
Empowering the self is a decision to be your truth, speak your truth and live the way you feel you need to.

For those leading alternative lifestyles, this often means having more courage in order to be self-sustaining, compared with those who are embedded in corporate culture. No criticism is intended towards people leading the latter kind of life, but I am talking to people now who have chosen to live largely outside the mainframe. You might have a corporate job, yet be well and truly free of its mind-field.

These words are written mostly for those who are ‘doing their own thing’. If you are following your heart, doing what you love doing, then you are a success.

Empowerment through the Heart,
drawing by Carey

This is the truth and every single day that you recognise that you are a success because you are doing what you are doing, because you are following your heart and passion, you are a success. Every day that you forget that you are a success is a day that you have not succeeded.

What did I just say?

Success is largely attitude.

Okay, so we know that success is normally measured by money and public acclaim or recognition – and we all need a certain amount of that to be able to function.

But, if you perceive the world as a theatre for the soul to experience, rather than as a mere physical domain, then you know it is your experience that matters. Your experience of life is, of course, linked to your relationship with other people and with external conditions, but your internal attitude, perspective and autonomy of perception are the sovereign rulers of your experience.

Pacal Troll

Every day is a challenge, regardless of what you do; every day asks us to re-grasp and reconnect to who we are, to what we know and to what we are doing.

Success is not a static entity; it is a continual task of self-belief, connection, self-management and the reclamation of truth.

No matter how much money or acclaim someone receives from the outside world, once they are yesterday’s news they only have what they developed inside.

Composite created by Carey,
candles from google

A successful life, for many people, is one of love, sharing and relationship. No argument from me there – this is perhaps the greatest of treasures – but I am specifically focusing on the task of doing your own thing, doing a vocational project, being self-employed, perhaps as an artist of consciousness, a player in the matrix, an agent of humanitarian endeavour, a facilitator of joy, a radiant sun in the community, an artist with a heart or a musician with a message.

If you are putting your heart and soul into your vocation, expressing your authentic self to the best of your abilities, then you are a success and you cannot fail.

Image found on google

Even if you spend years seemingly ‘getting by’ without major recognition or financial reward.

I have found that rewards always come to me when I am putting myself on the line and have soul in the game. Having 'soul in the game' means exposing yourself by risking failure, whilst being authentically creative with your life – in this situation you will always get a win.

Here is the catch.

It might not be through the intended goal; it might not manifest as a linear response from your actions. You might appear to fail at a task, but if the energy was invested, the energy will come back to you threefold.

Composite created by Carey

Your purpose is to live with purpose, to follow your passion, to speak your truth to the best of your ability and to continually claim your success through the practice of connection, self-management and self-empowerment.

In this challenging epoch, those of us leading an alternative life need to remind ourselves that if we do lose heart from time to time, we have not failed.

Do what you love doing and you are a success.

'You’ve heard the phrase "think outside the box",
well Laurence doesn’t just think outside it, he lives there –
day in, day out,crafting a self as noble, poetic and visionary
as the Enchantment realms themselves.
He is a master of transformation, one of the most creative
and most free (and freeing) people I have ever met ...'
Jayne Storey, Tai Chi Principles Adapted for High Performance Sport
Photo of Laurence thanks to André Eichman


  1. I'm so happy to be able to re-connect with my friend every day through his blog. Thank you Carey. My comments about Laurence remain true to this day. There is nobody quite like him. I will always remember and treasure my memories of him. Jayne xxx

  2. Bless you Jayne, thank you so much xxxx