Friday 3 December 2021

10 Water (Moon)

[Friday 3 December 2021]

Today, 10 Water (aka Moon) is a day when your recent feelings solidify into a cohesive unified whole. Feel the complex array of feelings and recognise that through the agency of feeling, your spirit becomes real.

Lotus of Love
Painting by Carey

Day 10 of every timewave is the day when that timewave manifests into form. It is the day when the consciousness of the timewave – its particular Earth–Galactic signature – comes into solidity. The Flower (Sun, Lord) Timewave, which is the energy of spiritual light and sovereignty, manifests today as the soul.

Feel the soul as a tangible form today.

The manifestation of the timewave also means that the implicit challenge of the timewave is felt. The challenge and the manifest realisation of Flower – the divine sovereign self – is in the subtle feeling body.

'I Am Love',
painting by Robby Donaghey
Image from here

You do not get the fully reasoned understanding today, as that integrated understanding is always reserved for Day 12; however, you do have the opportunity to acknowledge the manifestation. In the case of the Flower Timewave, the way the subtle pranic light moves into density is the formation of our sophisticated, extraordinary and wide-spectrum feeling nature.

Uncredited image from here

If you feel heavy today, process and lighten the emotional body with physical activity outdoors in nature. Set your intent to clear and cleanse; find the gratitude after owning the dark emotions.

'A Test of Skill',
3D digital art by Kevin Radthorne
Image from here

The ability to hold Light is directly proportional to the courage to see darkness. Choosing to see just one creates distortions and illusions. It amazes me that something so simple and common sense can be so difficult to even discuss with “spiritual” people who insist on remaining “positive”. Actually, this avoidance is based on unacknowledged fear that their inner light might be somewhat “dispersed” by seeing darkness and therefore not giving the light much credit at all.

‘I think there’s also fear that they might somehow become “tainted” or the darkness might “manifest” in some form in their lives. But the opposite is true; it is the fear, especially unacknowledged, that has much more chance to manifest than darkness exposed to daylight and investigation. Just like we must be fearless about our own inner shadow, we must also be fearless about seeing this huge shadow of humanity. Or we will have the power to transform precisely nothing, within or without.

- Anis Springate
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