Tuesday 19 April 2022

4 Skull

[Tuesday 19 April 2022]

Do stuff that needs to be done. This is a foundation day for sudden change at some point in the future.

Computer graphic by LjL,
created using his own artwork,
'Shamanic Substance'

Secure the space with a bit of repair, maintenance and mundane tasks of preparation.

To create a fertile space, as we are doing in this timewave of Foredawn, requires you to create some walls around the space. Set some parameters today – shape your boundaries, find the edges, define the separations. Schedule some things in order to create empty moments.

Rock Skull, Disneyland Paris
Image found on google

Today is a good day for internal clarity, a clear unsentimental acceptance and perspective on your old self. As ever on Skull days, cut to the bone where appropriate. Set boundaries.

A great day for laying pristine foundations in your psyche.

A good day to be real, as they say, which means to temporarily cut out conjecture and sentiment – not for all time, but certainly for today. Enjoy a sense of freedom from your wants and separate the chaff from the wheat.

With shamanism, most people want the fireworks, the big experience, and may see the preparation as boring. However, once you start to see the results of good preparation, you become more wiling to do the little things, the mundane cleansing and the small and simple evocations.

LjL in California,
creating a moment of empty space
in between getting things done

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