Friday 26 August 2022

3 Eagle

[Friday 26 August 2022]

Get ready, get steady... wait...

Three bald eagles, photo by Robert Otoole,
image via google,
but this is the site for more of his amazing work

Receive some inspiration today. This could include an understanding or an insight. New specifics come to light in your awareness.

A great day to have a balanced view of the world as you fly high above it, yet look down with a readiness to engage.

Eagles have the ability to focus on the smallest details on the ground; they are comfortable and competent with the earthly realm.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on google

A good day to enjoy the energy of anticipation. Stay ready for insights.

Day 3 of every timewave can be frustrating, nervous, edgy and unsatisfying as movement begins – it’s like revving up the engines. Allow yourself to trust that the feeling you have is valid. If you feel restless, that is okay – accept it and carry on.

Image found on google

You are getting ready to perceive, getting ready to understand or getting ready to step into more authorship.

Laurence, waiting on Power Station Beach,
May 2011, thanks to André Eichman

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