Sunday 18 December 2022

13 Water (Moon)

[Sunday 18 December 2022]

A day to offer incense.

Photo thanks to André Eichman

A day of gratitude and a day to surrender to the cleansing waters as they dissolve all blockages to the new sprouting energy that is already transforming your life.

Day 13 says ‘Let go and celebrate the end of the timewave.’

The dissipative consciousness cleanses the mind of thoughts.

Make an offering of gratitude for your life.

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The 2012 Era and the Message of 13 Water 

Evolution and transformation – which is the theme of this, the Earthmover, Timewave – requires the dissolution of blocks in our perception concerning the immediate potential and imminent reality, so that we can emotionally accommodate the next new reality.

The next scale of consciousness is a far bigger environment of the psyche. This is the spiritual reason for acknowledging contentious issues, such as Atlantis, the UFO phenomena and other anomalous experience, research and testimony.

LjL surrendering to the cleansing waters,
Isle of Wight

The soul is like water, but the mind compartmentalises reality. The boxing and filing of information into relevant and irrelevant trays has been necessary for ego development. Now, however, in this 2012 era [1986 to well into the 2020s], it is time to dissolve some of the filters.

Increasingly, it is not enough to just take a ‘spiritual perspective’, to meditate or to simply have a psychological or sociological viewpoint. Instead, we are being pressed to have a full integral perspective.

Mural of a Maya ruler at Bonampak,
Chiapas, Mexico
(note the offering of incense)
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The next scale of reality is planetary, so we are being impulsed to start releasing our compartmentalised walls of mind, to open to the totality of experience that is co-existent here on Earth – the Immanence.

The species is now required to engage with the areas of reality that have been kept hidden, for the new landscape of the psyche exists on the other side of the Shadowlands that stands before us.

The jewels are hidden in the murky realms.

Image credit: Creative Commons /
Jordi Cueto-Felgueroso Arocha, from here

Time and again human consciousness fixates,
and slams the door on its greatest gift – t
he open-endedness of infinite possibility.
As a result we do not experience reality
but merely our concept of it
José Argüelles
(24 January 1939–23 March 2011)

José Argüelles
Image from here

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