Monday 6 March 2023

13 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Monday 6 March 2023]

A day where you feel some elation. Feel the bliss of releasing an enduring block and, in so doing, re-grasp something from your past that you reluctantly thought you had to surrender forever.

Shamanic Substance,
by Laurence James Lucas

Or: Release your grasp and be ready to hold something far bigger, perhaps a larger concept of life or understanding. But do not grasp it tightly; be silent with it and receive it.

The last day of the Eagle Timewave gives us the opportunity to glimpse a much larger vision of our life – if we can let go of at least some of our old imaginings, mental constructs and subconscious projections about our future.

Gift of the Sun, by Vladimir Kush
Image found on Pinterest,
but here is the website of this amazing artist

Let go of some old security to welcome more plenitude into your life, the plenitude that comes from grace and openness. Let go, give it up, release old imaginings and visions, relax the mind and open up wide.

Release, let go and then discern where it is you re-grasp and regain control.

The timewave disperses and integrates with the cosmic background.

Image from here

[Extra message and link from Laurence to contemplate on 13 Deer:]
My Plnti website (takes three minutes to view!), which I put up as a personal affirmation and reminder to myself about the plenitude that comes from grace and openness, seems appropriate to this day and may evoke something for you.

See it here.

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