Friday 18 January 2019

13 Storm

[Friday 18 January 2019]

Let go as usual on Day 13, but as this is a Storm day, release with more vitality than normal. This is more of a joyous release that energises you.

Release anger and frustration by allowing it and then pushing through it. Release all attachments, all assumptions and separation stories.
Beautiful but uncredited image from Google

Remember that chaos brings freedom – you pay with uncertainty, but can tap into the unlimited energy supply of existence.

Reality is compartmentalised. When one compartment becomes too inhibitory, we are offered the chance to break free from its constraints – this takes effort. However, today you get a glimpse of the intrinsic simplicity of releasing the self from the rigid context boxes. 

Flipchart by LjL

All perceptions of reality are partial. Enjoy the rejuvenation of recognising that potentiality is always present. No matter how it looks, Life is bigger.

If you are inspired in a diverse and scattered manner today, take heart – any form of overwhelm will allow you to integrate on a higher level in the next timewave.

A day of freeing the self. Release the self and allow your energy to return.

Laurence, the most free (and freeing) person I have ever known,
who was always himself,
by the fabulously talented Kit Yeung,
Hong Kong photographer, artist and dancer

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