Saturday 12 January 2019

7 Reed (Skywalker)

[Saturday 12 January 2019]

On 7 Days, the energy of the timewave that resonates with Heaven and Earth is revealed. Day 7 has a magical resonant feeling; there is an awareness of ‘as above, so below’, or a sense of the timeless moment being present in the day through the filter of the glyph. 

Composite image using LjL's hand-drawn glyph
for the Day 7, plus his artwork for the
Daykeeper Reed (Skywalker) glyph

The inherent ethic of creation is present on Day 7 in all timewaves. 7 is the resonance with wholeness, not in absolute detail or high sophistication, but it does reveal the general soft-focus view of the whole.

The Deer Timewave reveals its energy today as being resonant with the Observer Mind.

Mayan Daykeeper glyphs in the Ouroborus of Time–Space, by LjL

You can get a good detached view of your whole life today, whilst still operating and enjoying the mundane or ‘normal’ level of reality. A good day to move into resonance with a higher perspective of reality, whilst functioning in an everyday kind of way.

Your actions can feel in accord with the divine will.

Image from Google

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