Sunday 12 May 2019

10 Reed (Skywalker)

[Today, Sunday 12 May 2019, would have been Laurence's 58th solar return, aka birthday in the civil calendar. Always in my heart]

Heaven and Earth
Photo thanks to our dear friend Dominic Cryer

Ideas from Heaven meet ideas from Earth.

A day where you see the structure of your higher mind processes. Today, 10 Reed (Skywalker) – which is Day 10 of the Lizard (Seed) Timewave – allows you to see the present state of your Overmind, your higher thought forms.

Image from the Project Gutenberg archives,
entitled 'The Music of Gounod:
a Thought Form from Thought-Forms',
by Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater

An overview idea that has arisen from your intention meets and meshes with the descending ideas from your abstract ethereal template.

The Seed energy of this timewave solidifies into a thought form, from which an aspect of your reality will manifest later on down the line.

Direction Dimension by Robert Morris Monroe
Thank you for use of this beautiful painting!

Today, see the new program or programs you have created within your psyche from your recent intentions, either consciously or inadvertently.

See how your life situation as it stands is a product of your previous ideas, the ideas that stuck.

Photo manipulation by LjL

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