Sunday 19 May 2019

4 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Sunday 19 May 2019. Full Moon in Hong Kong at exactly 05:11]

Today is the day that teaches us to be in our sovereign psychic space, protected by the confidence that comes from our divine selves.

Pacal Troll, presiding over our Medicine Wheel,
on the roof terrace of our Enchantments Centre, Lamma Island

A day of self-establishment.

You are what you are. No apology needed.

Today – 4 Ahau (Flower, Sun or Lord) – is a day which tells us that change requires a foundation of confidence, based on recognising that you are a divine being of light.

Heartfelt thanks to Robert Burton
for this beautiful photo

Every person is divine and every person, if conscious of that, should rightly be confident and glowing.

I know there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance or ego inflation, but today consciously settle on the side of confidence.

Your sovereign power is found when you celebrate life. Pay homage to all that is beautiful and beatific; by so doing, you are beauty and you are divine.

Today, claim your sovereign spiritual power for yourself.

We need you to do this now, more than ever.

Laurence paying homage to all that is beautiful and beatific.
Huge thanks to André Eichman for the wonderful photograph

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 4 Flower:]
Tune into the fact that this is the same day in the Mayan Sacred Calendar as it was on 21 December 2012,* so that we can connect to another octave of the 2012 influx.

As in Western astrology, the Mayan astrology we use here is a fractal system, which means that today, 4 Flower, is in resonance with the Maya end date of 20:12, which signified the end of one chapter in the evolution of the human species and the beginning of a fundamental transformation.

Today, you have the opportunity to glean personal and direct inspiration about the nature of change and how you can best navigate it in this transformational era.

Setting the Parameters of Change
A day where you can potentially feel the different boundaries in your energy field – the boundaries and space you now exist within, as well as the extended boundaries of your realisable potentiality.

On 4 Flower of 15 February 2010, I experienced this in the hills of Lamma: Looking out over the sea, I was suddenly aware of my personal space, the living space around me and the living space I walk around in.

Today, be aware of who you are, without sentiment, and then feel into the potential energy that lies just beyond your present state.

You are changing and evolving. Set the scene for your unfoldment as you will step into a larger space and a larger expression, perception and experience of life.

The expansion of your reality will involve an expansion of membership and an identification with yourself as being part of or belonging to more of the human species. Growth creates a greater affinity with more of life.

Today, become conscious of your energy spaces and the different scales of environment within which you have your being.

Image ©, found on Google

* Note from Carey: In calendrical terms, 21 December 2012 was the end of the then-current ‘Great Cycle’ of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which comprises 13 periods of time, each called a baktun, covering a total period of approximately 5,125 years in the Gregorian calendar. The 2012 date is considered by some to be the end of the Fourth Sun, or the fourth creation era.

Composite created by Carey,
using four wonderful kite photos
thanks to Katherine Forestier

[A personal message from Laurence, posted on 4 Flower, 21 December 2012:]
My day started many hours ago with a greeting to the dawn. I was met with a spectacular display as four kites, our local birds of prey, rolled and clustered around each other in the sky, directly in the east, four hundred yards in front of me.

Then one flew back to me and, facing east with me, hovered about 12 feet in the air and 20 feet away from my right shoulder. Together we greeted the dawn of a new day.

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