Tuesday 13 August 2019

12 Skull

[Tuesday 13 August 2019]

Life begins as undifferentiated wholeness. Then, through contrast, life becomes richer and more conscious of itself.

The Egg, by LjL

Endings and beginnings, separations, barriers, boundaries, restrictions, structures, renewals, discovery – all of these principal experiences bring lucidity.

Today is a great day for structure, as this day can give you the cold-bone reasoning and clear understandings that the mind is comfortable with.

Strange Skull:
image found on Pinterest,
from a museum in Brazil

The potential of this day is that you can actually feel a sense of regeneration. Skull is death and rebirth and, when combined with the mental clarity of 12, it allows for a consciously chosen change.

A good day to appreciate limitations within your life and how these limitations bring you more consciousness. By recognising the value of a limitation, by feeling the profound validity of a restriction, you open the door to a transformation in an area of your life you have been experiencing as frustrating or blocked.

Finding harmony in the balance of opposites,
image from here

Consciously work with limitation today in order to be free.

The vision is implemented and organised and becomes real.

Created by Carey

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