Sunday 18 August 2019

4 Monkey

[Sunday 18 August 2019]

What is the foundation for a life that is radiant and which shines with the magical light of a free spirit?

A recognition that life is creative and playful, but is also full of challenging moments and the odd comic trickster. The comedic elemental will yield to you, if you have the courage to live your life without the trap-pings of social conditioning.

Day 4 of each timewave tells us about the underlying principle, the foundation of truth, for the whole timewave. Today, the Rabbit Timewave, which is the multiplication of all things, is underpinned by the creativity, humour and trickster spirit of Monkey.

Baby spider monkey
   Image from here; photo credit: La Verdad

Creativity springs from the elemental kingdom, a parallel kingdom to humanity. These elemental beings are right little monkeys, for they create just for the sake of creation. The elementals are really automatons – they just say ‘Yes!’.

So be spontaneous today. Respond to the inherent creativity of today with a sense of humour and the day will bring pleasant surprises.

Spirit of the Night, by
John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893)

Dare, be courageous and life will respond. Work is play, play is work; secure yourself by recognising you are co-creating your life with your energy and consciousness.

You are not victim of the world, for the creative spirits that are inherent within the totality of the environment are simply reflecting your consciousness back to you. Step into the space of knowing that you are creating your life.

A good day for connecting to the muses, the devas and the elementals.

Tree fairy–dryad, image found on Pinterest

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