Tuesday 14 January 2020

10 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Tuesday 14 January 2020]

A day of manifest light. The Monkey Timewave manifests as the light within the trickster, which is humour with grace and the radiance of the heart opening.

When the face is lit up with a smile, the light of the Sun can be seen.

Today is all about smiling.

That does not necessarily mean grinning with recognition at everyone you pass in town today – it could be a song or a dance that brings a deep smile to your face.

Smiling Flowers,
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Smile with the recognition of your divinity and the blessing of being sovereign of your personal reality. Be conscious of natural light today. Today is a day when the subtle creative light of existence – the wholly affirmative energy within life – manifests and is easily accessible through the agency of natural manifest light.

Monkey tells us that life is drama, full of dark humour, paradox and trickery, and that the key to playing the game successfully with a positive attitude requires that we draw upon the light.

Awaken, by Cameron Gray,
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The Divine Light contains the intelligence of existence and we are processors of light. The intelligence of all life far surpasses the intelligence of any machine or technology, no matter how advanced it becomes. In psychology, the computer metaphor has gradually replaced the study of the soul. This metaphor for the human mind (replacing soul) is known as the cognitive approach. We are indeed partially cognitive – that is, information processors – but the internet is already more efficient than any human for accessing all of the information of human knowledge, no matter how bright the individual.

Smooth, grapic by LjL

So are we to surrender our divinity to the machine?

No, because the Divine Light contains the intelligence of Life, which includes far more than information – it is imbued with the ability of unlimited creativity. We are co-creators, far more than we are information processors; co-creators who are interconnected to the unlimited adaptability, spontaneity and joy of creation itself.

In today’s world, as the technological continues to progress, it is increasingly true that our connection to our sovereign light, our creative channel, is the most valuable commodity we own.

Today, bring more light into your being by smiling.

Image of Atlantis
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[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 10 Flower:]
Today is 10 Flower (also known as Sun or Lord) in the Monkey Timewave. Today, Monkey manifests as the ability to draw light directly from Source within the dark and unknown chapters of life. Monkey says that the rules of life are forever changing and that we can play – and should play – by our own rules when the situation demands.

Flower is the manifestation of a plant celebrating life. The plant synthesises light directly to sustain itself. We, on the other hand, in our present state of evolution, require the synthesised light that we get through eating plants. However, can we also synthesise light directly from the solar radiation that infuses the atmosphere? I think we are already doing that, to a certain extent, and that the body can synthesise vitamins and minerals from the atmosphere.

Heartfelt thanks to Roberta Raine

Light from the Sun is encoded with all the energy information for life on Earth – and that includes our consciousness. Higher levels of consciousness within us equate to and draw upon the unseen light from the Galactic Core and all of the stars that surround us. Beyond that, our higher levels of consciousness have resonance with, or are sourced from, galaxies all over the Universe, the Universe itself and then the light of the Multiverse.

The Moon also plays an important role in transducing light, by reflecting the Sun and, in effect, by enabling us to reflect upon ourselves through our feelings. The planets in the Solar System also transduce light into different frequencies. The Solar System is mostly made up of ‘space’ that is contained within the auric field of the Sun – the Sun’s influence – which extends out to the Oort cloud.

Heartfelt thanks to Karen Argyle

‘Space’ is actually filled with plasma, which is the fundamental state of matter, a kind of liquid-gas with very strange properties. Scientists have found that plasma exhibits signs of being a life form. In laboratory conditions, it has been found that two plasma fields can communicate and reproduce.

I consider plasma to be the conduit for consciousness.

The movements of the planets through the Sun’s plasmic ocean (the Solar System) change the symphony and the arrangement of frequencies. This is the basis for astrology.

Heartfelt thanks to
Kookie Birjukov

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