Thursday 2 January 2020

11 Rabbit (Star)

[Thursday 2 January 2020]

Doors within doors to be opened today.

11 Rabbit is a Stargate kind of day. Maybe it’s not ET contact of the fourth kind for you today, but you might feel the fertility and light that is infusing the day. Where does it come from? It is your monadic essence and it is in resonance and at one with beings throughout the universe.

Image created by our friend Kookie Birjukov
for one of the projects Laurence and I
were working on several years ago

Today is a doorway to spiritual abundance and/or what might feel like a collapse of the light or euphoria into the black hole. The reflection of the radiating light is the toroidal flow back into the centre. Rabbits surge out of their burrows and radiate in all directions, then they all disappear underground.

Light Being Sucked into a Black Hole;
image found on Pinterest

The control and structure of yesterday’s Grasp (aka Deer or Hand) gives way to diffuse and fertile light, which is flowing in toroidal form. And yesterday, being Day 10 of the Obsidian Timewave, manifested as a frozen moment, a manifest form of energy, which today (as ever on an 11 Day) dissolves…

The challenge is how to integrate this radiant cosmic energy without getting scattered. The energy of today is beautiful and subtle, and yet out of resonance with limitation, containment or practical concerns.

Image found on Google

Creativity and destruction are mirrors. The sense of impermanence of our highs is a clue to the dynamic nature of creation. The cycle of creativity includes the fallow moments, which then lead on to new inspiration.

Explosion and implosion in every moment… 

A good day to give praise to and accept the blessings of life.

Image from here

Here are some interesting links to contemplate today:
The electromagnetic field generated by the heart is the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by the body.’ Click here for the link.

The Energetic Heart

Click here for the first link, and here for the second.

Image: Copyright © HeartMath Institute

‘The holographic nature of reality is revealed in the understanding
that the basic unit of all life is a toroid.
It is a fractal reality, where the form can be found
on every scale of creation.
The toroid is not static; it curves in on itself
and twists into the centre with an energy
that is known as a torsion field.
The torsion field generates the spiral pattern
of all growth, as in the Fibonacci sequence.’
Laurence James Lucas

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