Monday 10 February 2020

11 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Monday 10 February 2020]

A Day of Flow
After yesterday’s solidity – possibly even harshness, for some – we get a contrasting texture today, one of plasticity and liquidity.

Image originally from here, Photoshopped by me

Have you noticed the textures of days? Time itself has a range of quality and texture and the Mayan Sacred Calendar enables this understanding.

Navigate the waves of energy today with intuition and some reason, surrender and strength. The lightest of touches is needed – the impulse to seize an object or an idea too tightly needs to be restrained.

Feel the flow and hold lightly

A portal opens up. A river appears that leads towards a transformed state, an evolved paradigm, a new sense of reality...

Surf the flow with balance and poise, without looking too far ahead to the promised land.

Deer swimming in Shasta Lake, CA,
by misserion - flickr

Keep a rein on the excitement and enjoy the flow. Feel the continuum that flows through us all, as things emerge and dissolve in the river of the seamless unity that is the immanence of life.

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