Thursday 6 February 2020

7 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Thursday 6 February 2020]

Between the worlds; a still point between the past and the changes to come.

Laurence in the hills of Lamma at dawn.
Photo thanks to our friend André Eichman

The prerequisite for transformation – for fundamental change – is the ability to look into the shadow and to see the positive aspects that are hidden in the darkness and the negativity.

Created by Carey
using image found on Google

Today, there might seem to be a disconnection, a discordance or a point where things do not quite come together; something strange, disjointed or dislocated.

It is not an error. Be mindful of the gap and move into the gap.

Image found on Google

Do not be afraid of any disturbing feelings. Feel the comforting feeling that exists in the space where reality has ripped. Tune into the surreal quality of the day and find the enjoyment inherent within it.

Image from here

Today is the day where we welcome in the alchemical soil for change. This might mean a resonant encounter with the shadow of your inner life and the gems hidden within the darkness.

Notice your gems.

Original photo thanks to
our dear friend Dominic Cryer,
Photoshopped by me

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