Sunday 12 July 2020

8 Flower (Sun,Lord)

[Sunday 12 July 2020]

Commit to your sovereignty. Your true authority springs from your divine right of free will.

Created by Carey

Look to recognise your sacred rights and unique essence, without ego inflation. Acknowledge the authentic individual that is within the matrix of interdependence and necessary dependence. 

You are not an island, but you are still a unique facet of the human species.

Lamma Island, by Chensiyuan

Sun is the day of our essence and our most public face, the brightest and most positive side of our psyche. Today we need to commit to the radiance within us, so that the radiance we project is not just an empty image.

Yung Shue Wan harbour,
photo by Carey

Feel the light, the good and the abundant within you; just be honest and find what you have inside. You may be feeling down and in some darkness – if so, just acknowledge any small light and power you can find. Then just turn the volume up a little. 

Today, set your intention to be your light and then relax and let go.

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