Sunday 26 July 2020

9 Jaguar

[Sunday 26 July 2020]

Wild thing. Alert. Hypersensitive.

Fantastic 'fracted jaguar' image
by Byrek on Deviantart

Awareness of hurt, yet willing and motivated to play. 

With a roar, wake up and see the projected path of your present actions. Reclaim lost instincts and forgotten power, and be willing to protect yourself where needed.

Wake up and roar!
Photo thanks to
Dave Parker

Today, you can connect to the actions needed – the actions you will be taking later – that enable you to move on, to change, to shift to the next level of your development.

You are alive and it’s time to smell the completion that is beckoning. Be ready to pounce and get it done, change gear and go for the finish line!

Get ready to pounce...
Uncredited image
found on Pinterest

[On 9 Jaguar of 3 January 2017, Laurence also posted a comment from a client and friend:]
‘Perhaps we are coming to a place where the choice – the commitment that we have already previously made – has to be made incarnate. We have stepped through the looking glass.’ Kamerine

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