Sunday 23 August 2020

11 Wind

[Sunday 23 August 2020]

Doors Open
Yesterday the Mayan Pulse was orientated to the gifts of your life as it is. Today it opens the doors to new possibilities and the way to step forward on your path.

LjL stepping forward to receive,
in the Burmese Buddhist Temple in Penang, Malaysia
Laurence loved this place and felt the positive,
nurturing energies here very strongly

The incoming energy is facilitated by communication on every level, be that telephone, email or inspired guidance from subtle realms.

Communicate and receive communication today with full awareness. Allow yourself to be broadband in giving and receiving information, but distil and integrate before acting upon any inspiration.

Step forward and communicate
  Image conceptualised by LjL,
created by Kookie,
photoshopped by me

Cosmic rays whistle through the Earth and a doorway opens up to the bifurcating paths of time. 

Life presents you with different options; each one unfolds into a different expression of your destiny. Be attentive to information and recognise how futures are built starting from the most subtle movements in your psyche.

Left: © Richard Croft
from Creative Commons;
right: image found on Google

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