Wednesday 5 August 2020

6 Lizard (Seed)

[Wednesday 5 August 2020]

A cadent day of unfoldment and natural recalibration. Be the unfurling.

Unlocking the Abundance,
aka The Unfurling, by LjL 

The Storm energy continues to heat up and speed up as you recalibrate your energy today.

Today is a good day for organic adjustment of your templates, plans and the soil of your life. So prepare the soil of your life today to allow the seeds of your true benevolent abundance to germinate and flourish.

Photo by Carey

An almost mechanistic adjustment occurs today as various cogs in your psyche turn left, then right, then left again – as in the process of unlocking a safe.

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Unlocking the abundance of more freedom, especially the capacity to utilise and own your time – and therefore your energy – to get things done. 

Five clicks one way, three clicks the other way, six clicks back again…

Unfurling, photo with
heartfelt thanks to
Ewa Wilkinson

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