Friday 16 October 2020

13 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

[Friday 16 October 2020. New Moon 19:31 UTC, 20:31 British Summer time (tomorrow in Hong Kong at exactly 3:31am)]


Day 13 of each timewave is a day of disintegration and release of that timewave, as it opens up or sets free its energy for the next timewave.

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Warrior, Vulture and Owl are the living symbols for holding one’s centre – for keeping hold of your essential truth.

Today you might be experiencing a disconcerting diversity of truth moving out all around you. The challenge is to hold a multitude of perspectives lightly, without losing your energetic centre. This means letting go and then finding a new temporary position of comfort, then releasing and re-grasping your centre once more.

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A flood of relativistic perspectives can make us think that all truths are equal. Equally, the populist perspective that life is an accident and that existence is neutral can leave a person spiritually inert and acting purely out of self-interest.

Best Things In Life
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However, life requires a strong choice. Whatever the situation, choose benevolence and abundance. Look to enjoy some gain, but not at the expense of others. Choose life. Choose that life will flourish; choose that there is plenty for everyone.

Recognise that life is grounded in consciousness, love and abundance.

Whatever the situation today, choose Life.

Diversity of Truth: Love and Abundance
Flipchart by LjL


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