Sunday 5 September 2021

12 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Sunday 5 September 2021]

A great day for a deep understanding of your life.

Central Sun, by Laurence James Lucas

You are master of your soul; this is your sovereignty. Today, access the light of the soul to aid in the unfoldment to come.
Utilise your imagination and your mind to understand your life directly from within yourself, in order to perceive the complex systemic unity of things as they stand within you.
The understanding of the soul and soulfulness is available today. A good day to express the subtle; to write poetically, yet with meaning. The subtle has power today – light rays can instruct you and teach you substantial truths. Use the mind and imagination to empower yourself with sacred connection.

Composite created by Carey;
central image from here

The imagination is a two-way plasma mirror, not just a screen for projecting fantasy upon, but also a receiver from anywhere in the omnidirectional realms that you can reach with your intent.

Understand the expansive intelligence of metaphors or symbols with full clarity today.

Photograph by Jonathan Blair,
for National Geographic  
Image from here

Today, refine your world and assume an elevated perspective beyond the clumsy and gross understandings of the default reality. Utilise your inherent ability to see the cohesive and powerful intelligence of the beautiful and the subtle.
A day to decode the light that radiates from your soul, for you are a living library, a reservoir of extraordinary experience that can be accessed via the imagination, which is shaped by the mind and piloted by the impulse of the soul to know itself.

Clementinum Library in Prague,
dating from 1556
Image found on google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 12 Flower:]

Planetary Consciousness and the Noosphere

Understand that the Noosphere, planetary consciousness and planetary civilisation are natural outgrowths of the world we live in today; the Earth will flower into a planetary civilisation.

Consciousness, the self, the world and experience evolves by stages. The planetary stage is the obvious and natural stage of development for our world – it is upon the far edge of our horizon.

One of the fabulous Noosphere images by
Tatiana Plakhova, of Complexity Graphics,
one of Laurence's favourite visionary artists

The planetary stage of our culture will emerge from the subtler levels of reality into density. The cosmic influx has already recalibrated the contextual space of the Earth’s energy field. This much is obvious to me and today allows one to understand the power of light and consciousness.

Translation from one domain to another takes time – this gives the illusion that the power of change starts on the physical level. It does not. Power always comes from the larger context of reality first.

[Note from Carey: For more on Laurence's work on the Enchantments of Life, as well as Planetary Consciousness, please visit our portal website. Thank you.]

Consciousness: flipchart by LjL

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