Tuesday 14 September 2021

8 Water (Moon)

[Tuesday 14 September 2021]

Commit to soulfulness and connect to your inner life.

Bliss, by LjL

Give thanks for the contrasts in your experiences and your feelings, for this creates the beauty of who you are.

Living with the richness of soul sometimes means accepting the existential bleakness of life, as well as the bliss.

Another version of our holosphere image,
created by Kookie Birjukov and based on a concept by LjL,
for use in our Enchantments of Life workshops and course booklets

The sum total of life is a quiet joy, a growing sense of awe and appreciation for life itself, free from too many expectations or demands.

This in turn opens your heart to another, without too much sentiment or need.

Created by Carey

Today, commit to your depth and your own profound feelings. Recognise the validity of your life experience.

Allow your feelings to flow to clear any blocks in your energy. This will enable you to implement your truth.

Altar to the West
Photo thanks to Annie Knibb

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