Tuesday 7 June 2022

1 Eagle

[Tuesday 7 June 2022]

A 13-day ripple in time starts today with the Eagle Timewave (known as Men to the Maya), where the consciousness of the World Mind and its vision can make itself seen through you.

This fabulous image was created for us by
Kit Yeung, Hong Kong photographer and artist,
as the main image for Laurence's
new 8-part Shamanic Training course,
called 'Planetary Walker',
which we had been due to launch in March 2017.
Thank you Kit! (kityeung.art@gmail.com)

The Eagle is of the sky, surveying and scanning the world and able to see the abundance of the world as it hunts for the specific abundance available to it. The Eagle can see the micro-reality below, as it hones in on what is available and appropriate.

Scan your environment today and then place your focus on that which is specifically useful for you right now.

Open your heart and imagination without undue sentiment to receive the vision from the Eagle.

Painting thanks to Daniel Clarke

What is it that the Spirit of the World sees? Can we see it?

Yes, it is the existential Joy of Life, enjoying its own simple existence. The World Mind is Immanent.

Meditation will often take you beyond the world into the transcendental zone, but the Immanence is here and now, inherently within your physical pleasures and your struggles, as an expansive consciousness that helps you appreciate your life as an art form.

Eagle Immanence
Created by Carey

Now is a good time to get a feeling-sense of your personal vision for your life, or for your life as it stands right now, or for your life to come in an immediate sense. Trust the intuitive and the imaginary faculties; allow yourself to validate your gnosis.

Eagle sees a world of abundance.

Image originally from here

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