Sunday 26 June 2022

7 Jaguar

[Sunday 26 June 2022]

Jaguar is at home in the shadows. Today you have a resonant connection to the underworld, or a shadow perspective on all that glitters.

Cave Wall by LjL
'Cave art images are gleaned from psychotropic
states on another frequency of reality.'

The bright-light glamour of the material world, the allure of charisma, and the magnetic attraction of people and places all spring from cosmic light. The light of the stars shines with wonder from the inky night sky.

However, the glamour of the consensual world is fading, so we are being asked to look into the darkness, beyond the foreground bright lights that are being presented to us, in order to see the next level of luminosity. The Earth is recalibrating and we are to come into resonance with the powerful influx from the cosmos in this 2012 era.*

Image found on Pinterest,
from here

Yet to do this requires the instincts of the stalking jaguar; there is no herd to follow.

Be brave, strike out into the darkness and stalk your power. Today you can feel that resonance.

Use your imagination evocatively. The imagination is your interface with other dimensions – it contains your filters and your personal way of translating and perceiving, but it is the interface. The virtual world of the imagination is a two-way mirror and, if you activate your imagination, you will learn to be receptive to incoming imagery not generated by your mind.

Laurence and the lights
Heartfelt thanks to Annie Knibb

Today is a good day to be evocative.

You can transcend easy definitions of good and bad and enable yourself to be playful with the astral realms whilst holding the light. Sometimes we must venture into unknown realms in order to gain the necessary power for our survival in this world.

The activated imagination acts as an invitation to the ‘otherness’ of the Sacred Calendar we are following here, an invitation for the spirit of Supranature to pierce your walls of perception. Life is anthropomorphic – it really is alive; this is not just our projection. The Mayan Sacred Calendar** is attuned to the life forms that inhabit the living field which permeates our planet and galaxy.

Black Panther Spirit by Diane Neubauer,
from here

Today, attune to the veiled but immanent energy and enjoy your instinctive intelligence. A good day for shamanic awakening and a connection to the magic of life; today is a good day to immerse yourself in the shamanic experience.

Starlight reverberates throughout the earthly realms and stabilises as the Dream Seeds of the Earth, which contain all future potentials, including the futuristic communities and technologies of a post-material civilisation, not limited by terrestrial consciousness.

The Jaguar Shaman talks to and listens to the Earth’s Dream Seeds.

Panther Spirit and Shaman
Image credit: Omer Haciomeroglu, found here

* The 2012 effect began in the mid-1980s and will continue to affect us well into the 2020s.
** If you want to follow the Mayan Sacred Calendar with more connection, I would suggest you keep a journal and draw the glyphs for each day to bring you into energetic resonance with the 260-day pulse.

[Note from Carey: You can now find Laurence’s own artwork of the modern stylised version of the 20 Daykeeper glyphs on our ‘Your Mayan Daykeeper’ page on this blog (scroll down that page). I have also added a list of the 13 Day Numbers, or Tones, with their key concepts.]

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[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 7 Jaguar:]

The Full Immersion
The plant kingdom naturally contains psychoactive ingredients. The experienced shaman not only ‘goes on a trip’, but enters into a relationship with the intelligence of the plant.

Front cover of a book Laurence
wholeheartedly recommended,
as do I!

The full psychotropic experience proves that there is a dimension of nature hidden from the mind, a dimension which is teeming with aliveness and character. The extraordinary contrast between being drunk or on recreational drugs and the full psychotropic experience is so profound as to be indescribable.

The connection and confirmation this brings is that we do indeed live in a universe that is vitally alive and animated. This is not merely an idea – this is the Shamanic Knowledge.

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Psychotropics should definitely be respected, but at the same time they reveal that life inherently has a sense of humour about anything we call reality.

Day 7 has a magical resonant quality, as it is in tune with the essence of things. Today, being 7 Jaguar, you can tune into the shamanic experience whilst living an urban existence.

So, while there is no need to fully immerse yourself in the shamanic psychotropic experience, it is worth remembering – and tuning into – the shamanic message gifted to us by the plant kingdom.

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