Sunday 31 July 2022

3 Water (Moon)

[Sunday 31 July 2022]

Transmissions and emanations from the soul.

Composite created by Carey

Energy is generated on Day 3 of every timewave. Today, a general sense of charged emotional energy, anticipation, agitation, anxiety or excitement without a definite, discernible reason is present. Hold it lightly; this is the engine of your soul revving up and warming up.

Alternatively, today feel the tides of energy as one thing gradually flows into another. See the day as a wave form, or as wave forms, cresting and falling, then rising again. Follow the rhythms you feel from within.

Homage to Hokusai, by Carey

To stay in the flow, utilise the power of Water and offer yourself to Life.

Be ready to give to the moment and to share.

Allow deeper feeling to surface and you will find that you can quite naturally communicate from the soul, cleansing hidden emotions whilst giving permission to others to do the same.


Allow different areas of concern or interest to merge and overlap. Stay in the flow and you will find that staccato or oscillating thoughts, fuelled by tension and adrenaline, will dissolve into natural movement. A day of confluence.

Offer gratitude to Life and release tension with simple evocations of acceptance. Feel a connectivity that is fluid yet strong.

Adaptation is spiritual power.

Homage to my beloved.
Today, 3 Water, is Laurence's Mayan birthday,
the eighth such day that I have honoured and
celebrated alone since his death on 24 March 2017 (11 Jaguar).
He now walks the Plasmic Hills and swims in the Cosmic Ocean,
but his spirit, his soul, his wisdom, his laughter and his love live on.  
Photo taken in the hills of Lamma Island
in one of Laurence's favourite places.
Thanks to André Eichman


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