Monday 25 July 2016

3 Good Road, Monday

Stepping forward onto the path and beginning the journey.

On the Long Good Road of Life we are guided by invisible friends from the spirit world.

Walk with joy today as the energy moves out of yesterday's polarity. If you feel stuck today, just do something -- it is one step at time. A good day to talk with other people, maybe lots of people, without necessarily worrying about direction; just get energy moving.

Know that life itself is intelligent and will guide you.

The rational mind, the intellect can not ultimately guide you, but the mind is not to be negated, use your mind whilst knowing you can not reach some ultimate conclusion. Life cannot be fully worked out. However mental effort enables us to ask better questions which then supply new partial truths which then lead onto even clearer questions. So it is we move forward.

Step forward with an openness that values the mind as a tool but not as the determiner of your reality and you will be on the road that is your destiny.

I am presently experiencing a new level with my shamanism, personally and in facilitating others.
This day reminds me of the 3 worlds of the shamanic universe and the multiple paths that emerge from the different paradigms of astrology, shamanism, developmental psychology and just about any else. The different pathways of learning and experience all start to converge after a period of time, all novelty led explorations eventually lead one to integrate. The interconnections and essential truths will always eventually reveal themselves if you continue down the road.

Trust in the journey of life.

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