Sunday 31 July 2016

9 Obsidian, Sunday

Today as Obsidian, fits with the last segment of the moon cycle, for me that means resting for few days from shamanic intensive practice of the last week and integrating. For you it also means an emphasis on integration and seeing the flickering shadows revealed by Obsidian.

In Hong Kong the change of moon is bring us a typhoon, looks like a biggy, so I will have to batten down the hatches of the roof garden. The New Moon conjunct the minor asteroid Siva (Shiva) perhaps softened or translated through asteroid Psyche. We seem to have a very strong connection of Moon and Weather in HK. 

A good day to see the shadow and to illuminate the multidimensional mechanisms of nature that condition our moods and feelings. See the causes of those emotions.

Today is a good day to wake up to the way our present emotional space -- our total energy resonance anchored in our feelings -- generates the story we are living. The story we are living in is a continuum that stretches from the ancient past to the far-off future. Our total energy frequency creates a timeline. Change your feelings on the deepest level and change the past -- literally -- and therefore the future.

Aspects from your past return to your awareness today as you see the mirror effect of the cyclical nature of time.

A cycle of reflection ends today as you have a realization of how your past reflects this moment and how your future will have a resonance with your past.

Waking up to the nature of time and the stories we create with others
We live in the present with our companions and together we create our past in each moment and therefore also our future, which springs from our interpretation of the past.

Day 9 in the Timewave is the day we wake up beyond linear time. 9 is a master number in Mayan cosmology and refers to the Lords of Time.

This era points us towards the past...
The present transition speaks to us of the future, but in the same breath directs our attention to the ancient past.

...and the Cosmos
The 2012 end date was the end of one Galactic spin of 25,600 to 25,920 years. The world was subliminally primed to recognize large cycles of time and to remember that the larger context for our reality is truly cosmic.

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