Tuesday 26 July 2016

4 Reed, Tuesday late post due to internet problem...

Today in the Sacred Calendar of the Maya

A chance to see all sides of your relationships, your emotional state or basic needs from a higher space. A day where you detach from your emotional involvements to see them more clearly. Meta-program your emotional body.

The challenge today is to not be too fixed about your ideas and opinions. See your emotional script and then set a small intention based on where it is you would like to be. Be conscious of any issues you have at the moment but rather than fueling the problems and issues be true to the higher ideas you have about who you are, your life, life itself and human nature.

Accept and understand, yet rise above the emotions.

I have only just posted today as I have been disconnected from the internet, ironic as I was particularly connected shamanic-ally this morning with a snake outside my front door and a big bird prey sitting in the tree beside me.

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