Sunday 25 September 2016

13 Jaguar, Sunday

The ever-present wildlife force enriches this day as the atmosphere is quietly crackling with cat-like anticipation, while the air seethes with mysterious, brooding, feminine intelligence, stalking us and reminding us that life is alive and not just an idea in our heads.

The Wind god can be an angry god and on this day, being the last day of his timewave, he disperses his energy -- maybe through anger to clear the air, either verbally or through dramatic thunder and lightning storms. Alternatively the wind god activates your connection, your awareness of the unlimited nature of reality. The truth is that existence is not only stranger and more extraordinary than we imagine, it is far more incredibly unlimited than we could ever imagine.

However, we have to work with useful limits.
So what is the net result we can work with?

On one hand there are no limits within the bounds of existence and yet we experience very real limitations in our own lives....

The sum total of this energetic equation for today allows us to release some of our limitations.

A good day to align with your shamanic instinct, to blow off outworn thought-forms and to release some of the unnecessary limitation that has been placed upon your life.

A powerful day for the raw power of nature, the timewave of information and communication dissolves the head-space you may have been in as the wild free natural world calls to you.

The number 13 allows one to access the eternal now and on Jaguar day that comes from direct connection with the natural spirit of the world, so it is a great day just to BE in nature, especially to be still, sit down and feel the energy.

Allow the energy of today to flow through you and disperse that which is ready to be dispersed.

Happy birthday to Hong Kong's upcoming pioneering art photographer (you know who you are)

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