Saturday 3 September 2016

4 Good Road, Saturday

The Long Good Road of Life.

What is your destiny, today is a good day to ask yourself what is it that endures in me, what is consistent throughout my life. By seeing the essential theme of your life up to this point you can remind yourself of your destiny, which will be a continuation and development of the same. It will never be fully definable in sharp logical terms.

A sense of commonality. Today can also be a day of collective feeling. Today we will feel part of the human collective family and the human experience.

We all walk a path that has an essential similarity to the paths of all others.

Today you may also sense the long good road ahead, a soft focus view, a general understanding of the basic parameters of your life to unfold. It is like you receive a message from your soul.

Alternatively you might feel frustrated, inhibited or confused about the lack of options in life, a deep sense of life being scripted beyond your control. Today is a day where we can feel our membership in the species and the patterns, the possibilities that we are working with. Sometimes it feels like there are not enough options, ie you have to earn money, your life is framed by your appearance, age, gender or ethnicity, your responses are automated from early programming etc. Sit with the feeling if that is the case and be conscious of it. If you can truly feel the sense of the quintessential humanness, the human experience you are having no matter what, then you can be more present.

The consciousness of Good Road, is the existential human experience, it is an unfolding journey, where the challenge is to use the mind, create purpose and sculpt a story from your journey but more than that it is to stay open to the is-ness, the human experience of life.

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