Monday 19 September 2016

7 Rabbit, Monday

Sparkling with radiant connection, you flit from here to there, spreading the love or at least some abundant and fecund creative ideas. A sparkly day, a resonant day, meaning a day that mirrors the totality of existence.

Today is a fractal of the cosmic light of creation. Enjoy the abundance of today--the natural inherent abundance--without too much expenditure. You do not need to get carried away with money, partying too hard, or any kind of excess. Be in the abundance by allowing the light to shine through you.

However there is a shadow.

 Rabbit is associated with the drunkenness of Venus as well the beauty, fertility and love.

The shadow is the attraction to everything, the allure of the excitement of this, that and the other, that can be superficial or worse. The great problem is that if we get disconnected the feeling that can arise is that everything is sour, not satisfying as the mind and the heart is constantly distracted. So try to retain your centre.


I do not want to over emphasize the shadow, for today truly is magical.

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