Friday 14 October 2016

10 Earthmover, Tuesday

Something materializes today -- this is a small piece of starlight that has appeared before you. Today brings change into your life in this physical realm, revealed through and recognizable to you by synchronicity coming into form.

Meaningful coincidences convalesce into something tangible. The synchronic trail or the multiplicities of opportunities reach a temporary full stop. Perhaps the Zen Master's stick has just hit you on the back. Something might seem to have fallen apart, you may feel shaken or disturbed, so we ask what needs to broken up, in order for your life force to flow? Earthquakes allow the hidden riches to surface, but first there may be a disturbance to shake us out of our comfort zone. This seems to fit with the 3/4 waning moon that has just passed, where Sun Aquarius is in 90 degree aspect to Moon in Scorpio.

The synergy and integration of past aspirations and ideas can come together today as they are forced to merge and manifest. If you are tuned into the 260-day pulse, there is a little earthshaking moment for you as several threads from your subjective reality, be it fantasy or intention, crunch and converge into form.

Generally the energy is vitalizing. Take note of what has manifested and how it has manifested.

Suddenly the change will be looking right at you...

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