Thursday 6 October 2016

11 Serpent, Thursday

Today the energy focus is on survival, both physical and financial. However, do not react from a place of fear -- go deeper.

Tune into the life force in your body today.

Your cellular impulses are adjusted by whatever direction is taken by your attention and imagination. This adaptation to your vision is an instinctive process.

Do not underestimate the power of your life force, the deepest level of desire you have.

The door into this base energy opens for you today. The Serpent life force has an instinctive intelligence that can lead you in the best direction for your survival and flourishment.

Adjustment, adaptability, improvement and some gentle releasing as you allow your higher intelligence to direct your energy towards the actions you need to take.

NOW is the Time

A general spiritual axiom is that the time is now (presence) and now is the time (a call to action). 
These variants on the NOW meme speak to being present in the moment and secondly not delaying in following your dreams and passions.
However what I am suggesting is that from a social perspective within linear time, NOW is the time.

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